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Fallout 4 Material ID

If you’re looking for a complete list of Fallout 4’s Material ID codes, look no further. This comprehensive list has everything you need to get the most out of the game’s crafting system. So grab your Pip-Boy and let’s get started!

Material ID List From Fallout 4

All of the Fallout 4 Material IDs are listed below. To create products and objects, crafting recipes use crafting materials. Nuclear material and adhesives are two examples of materials.

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  • Acid (001bf72d)
  • Adhesive (001bf72e) [1
  • Aluminum (0006907a)
  • Antiseptic (001bf72f)
  • Asbestos (000aec5c)
  • Ballistic Fiber (000aec5b)
  • Bone (000aec5d) 
  • Ceramic (000aec5e) 
  • Circuitry (0006907b) 
  • Cloth (000aec5f) 
  • Concrete (00106d99)
  • Copper (0006907c) 
  • Cork (000aec60) 
  • Crystal (0006907d)
  • Fertilizer (001bf730) 
  • Fiber Optics (00069087)
  • Fiberglass (000aec61)
  • Gears (0006907e)
  • Glass (00069085)
  • Gold (000aec62) 
  • Lead (000aec63)
  • Leather (000aec64)
  • Nuclear Material (00069086)
  • Oil (001bf732)
  • Plastic (0006907f)
  • Rubber (00106d98)
  • Screw (00069081)
  • Silver (000aec66)
  • Spring (00069082)
  • Steel (000731a4)
  • Wood (000731a3)

How to Use Fallout 4 Material Codes

Before using these commands, you must first activate the debug console. You can accomplish this by either installing a DLC or modifying a setting in your game’s files.

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