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How to Change Appearance on Fallout 4

With Fallout 4, you have the power to create and shape your character in any way you want. But what if you want to change your appearance after you’ve already created your character?

Thankfully, there’s a way to do that. Here’s a quick guide on how to change your appearance in Fallout 4.

How to Change Your Appearance

Did you spend hours in Fallout 4’s opening sections trying to get your character just right, only to have them look completely wrong once you set it in stone? 

You don’t need to worry because Fallout 4 allows you to change your appearance in the game, but you’ll need to know where to go and what to do to do so.


In Fallout 4, you can significantly change your appearance in two ways. First, you can modify your hairstyle or your entire appearance. Fortunately, both of these options are available in Diamond City, which is located in downtown Boston. If you want to change your appearance in any way, come there, but you’ll need to go to specific locations for each.

If you only want to change your hair, including your facial hair, you should go to the barber. Diamond City’s barber is located just inside the gate and to the left, near the bar in the center of town. You’ll be in the right place if you look for the guy in the red jacket. Talk to the barber and pay him 15 caps for a haircut. 

Sit in a nearby chair, and a menu will appear, offering you both the original hairstyles from the beginning of the game, as well as a few new ones that are only available here. To revise your facial hair, press Square or X. 

Second, if you want a full facial reconstruction, you must find a local plastic surgeon [1]. 

Fallout 4 Change Appearance

His office, called the Mega Surgery Center, is to the left of the local doctor. For 100 caps, you can change your entire face, including the hair you were given at the barbershop. 

There are a few new options here as well, such as making your character dirty. Essentially, you get a number of new options for customizing your character.

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