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Everything There is to Know About the Upcoming PS5 Slim

Sony undoubtedly had a banger for a couple of years selling their flagship console, the PlayStation 5. The Japanese giant has enjoyed a stellar amount of sales and beaten the competition posed by Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Switch by a fair margin. 

Honestly, with the amount of tech muscle the PS5 is packing, one would be disappointed if it didn’t pack as big a punch. Plus, Sony did go the extra mile to cram in a lot of next-gen hardware into their baby. We’re talking stuff like ray tracing and 4K graphics right out of the box. Even the sheer size of the PS5 is as magnificent as the inside. 

Having been released during peak COVID (an unintentional or intentional marketing strategy), the PS5 has seen a brilliant run. Now, three years later, Sony is all geared up to spew forth a slimmer iteration of their device. The PS5 Slim is unofficially slated to make an appearance during Q4 of 2023 and online forums, spaces are rife with debates, talks, comments, and speculations about its form factor, hardware, and software. 

In this article, we’ve sifted through the best of these news/rumors and brain-wracking to bring forth a concise yet detailed amalgamation of information regarding the upcoming console. Head below and get your game face on. 

A Sleeker Design

Probably the most requested change to the current PS5 is its shape. See, the PlayStation 5 might be the best option to go for when it comes to a console but given its size, it looks like if it doesn’t beat its competition, it might just end up swallowing it. 

PS5 Slim

Sony has heard fans complain about this and rumors are that the slim version is going to be shedding off weight of up to 300 grams [1]. How exactly it will achieve this monumental task is still a mystery but our educated guess would be the Japanese looking to achieve a modular design with their gaming station. 

Spec Revision

With a gap of only three years, it’s highly likely that there won’t be a drastic change in specs for the new model. The current PS5 has all gamers need currently for a great gaming experience. Though just to woo customers, Sony might add performance boosts for the slim model through the latest processors, GPUs, and CPUs. 

They could also offer better, larger memory storage given that the PS5 is sometimes criticized for its 1 TB storage. There could also be changes to ports with the Slim offering more compatibility for, let’s say, an external GPU or other fancy connections. 

Online Connectivity

Sony might opt for a better internet experience as well by shuffling in an updated Wi-Fi network card as well as a receiver. This might all look good on paper but if your own internet service provider (ISP) isn’t up to the mark then the console’s Wi-Fi wouldn’t really make a difference. 

When preparing to upgrade to the PS5 Slim, it’s essential to consider the role of a reliable internet service provider. Insights from LocalCableDeals suggest that selecting a dependable ISP is crucial to meet the demands of diverse online gaming experiences. 

PS5 Controllers

As the PS5 Slim is expected to introduce a vast array of immersive and engaging online games, a stable and fast internet connection becomes a necessity for ensuring smooth gameplay and seamless connectivity within the gaming community.

Affordable Price Point

Historically speaking, Sony always looks to maximize its sales numbers whenever they throw in a slim model. It happened with the PS2, 3, and 4 consecutively. It made sense to make such a move too. 

All the earlier slim models had been cut down in one way or the other without compromising on their performance. This enables the PlayStation to maintain its attractiveness and to attract an audience that’s looking to save up on space and money, vis a vis. 

If the Japanese giant keeps up with this trend then we’ll be seeing a change of at least $100 on the Slim version. Given that the current PS5 goes on retail for about $499, expect the slim model to chisel things down a bit and have a launch price of about $399. 

Though, making next-gen consoles that function the same as before on a cut-down chassis is an engineering challenge. Sony might not be so generous this time around. Or will they? Only time will tell. 

Should You Get the PS5 Slim?

Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you’ve already gone ahead and gotten yourself the current PS5 in all its glory then it might not make a whole lot of sense to upgrade when the PS5 Slim comes out. Given that both these models will be very similar in performance, you’re probably better off buying accessories and other game-boosting devices to complement your console instead. Plus, next year will be eventful with exciting PS5 game releases lined up.

However, if you’re still rocking a last-gen console like the PS4 which Sony is probably going to pull the plug on at the end of this year or the next, then we’d advise keeping some cash aside for investing in the slim when it hits market shelves.


That’s a wrap on our part of the news regarding the PS5 Slim. Regardless of rumors, the PS5 Slim will more likely than not be a worthy upgrade to the regular PS5 and we’re excited to see just how Sony is going to make us drool at the mouth with their latest tech. Start saving you guys, objects in the future might seem closer than they appear. 

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