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Fixed: Elite Dangerous “Could Not Connect to Matchmaking Server”

As tiresome as it is, games like Elite Dangerous are not immune to common server errors. Users often complain about the “Could not connect to matchmaking server” message on a black screen, interrupting their gameplay. 

To help you out, here are our resident gamers’ surefire fixes to this issue:

Fix #1: Optimize or Try Another Connection

Certain routers with sophisticated safety mechanisms frequently cause issues with the game Elite Dangerous server connection. We recommend temporarily disabling these security features to determine whether or not they are interfering with the connection. 

Most routers come equipped with a feature known as Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which automatically opens and closes connections for you. If your router can support UPnP, check to see that it is turned on and that your computer has permission to use this feature. 

You can enable UPnP on your network by searching for your router on PortForward.com and following the steps. If you are unsure how to set up your router to use UPnP, please do so. Routers are sometimes allowed to restart, and this action is beneficial for removing any issues that may have accumulated over time. 

rebooting the router

If you are having slow load times or delays while playing, clear your router for up to three minutes before restarting it, so it can refresh itself. This will make the game run more smoothly.

Fix #2: Send a Support Ticket

If you’re unable to solve this issue by boosting your connection, we recommend sending a support ticket to Elite Dangerous as soon as possible. This report will be emailed to their quality assurance team so they can look into it. 

Submitting a case to their support team will provide you with the best solution to the connection issue you are facing.

Fix #3: Use a VPN

Using a Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) while playing is one of the methods that worked for our team [1]. If the above fixes haven’t prevented the message from popping up, we highly recommend trying a VPN.

use VPN


If you’re still encountering the “Could not connect to matchmaking server” error on Elite Dangerous, it’s best to get in touch with their support team so they can resolve the issue promptly. 

The other fixes are some that worked for our team and we hope they worked on your end as well. 

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