Burn the Erdtree in the Elden Ring Elden Ring

What to Do After Burning Erdtree on Elden Ring

If you’re an Elden Ring newbie and burned the Erdtree, you may be wondering what to do next. In this guide, we’ve got some information that might help. 

If you want to find out what you can do after burning the Erdtree on Elden Ring, here are various options!

What Is The Erdtree on Elden Ring?

The Erdtree in Elden Ring is a prominent and awe-inspiring feature of the game’s world. As the tallest and most visible landmark in the Lands Between, it is impossible to miss, standing out as a gleaming, golden beacon in the midst of the surrounding landscape.

However, the significance of the Erdtree goes far beyond its impressive size and luminous appearance. It serves as a physical embodiment of the Elden Ring, a powerful object that holds immense significance within the game’s lore. The Erdtree draws its strength from the Ring, and in turn, it plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of power within the game’s world.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Erdtree is how it changes in response to changes in the state of the Elden Ring. If the Ring is damaged or altered in some way, the tree’s appearance can be seen to transform as well, reflecting the shift in power and the changing landscape of the game’s world. 

Burn the Erdtree in the Elden Ring

This makes the Erdtree a dynamic and ever-changing part of Elden Ring’s lore, and one that players will undoubtedly be eager to explore and uncover as they progress through the game.

What Do You Do After Burning the Erdtree?

Burning the Erdtree in Elden Ring is a task that the player must complete as they continue through the game. Once completed, the player is able to enter a new location. However, it does not come without consequences.

After the Erdtree is burned, Leyndell is transformed into the Ashen Capital, so it’s a good idea to finish all of the tasks there. Once it has been transformed into Ashen Capital, the player must face two new bosses: Godfrey, the First Elden Lord, and Sir Gideon the All-Knowing.

Aside from that, some NPCs [1] will perish after the Erdtree is burned. Again, it is recommended that you complete all of the NPC questlines before doing so. Aside from that, there are no other changes.

Do You Have to Burn the Erdtree in the Elden Ring?

Burn the Erdtree in the Elden Ring

The straightforward answer is no. You don’t always have to burn the Erdtree, but you can defeat the game’s endgame boss and finish it. 

After burning the Erdtree at the Forge of the Giants, you will normally be sent to Crumbling Farum Azula, far from the lands. 

You can skip the entire game by using the “Wrong Wrap” glitch, but you will most likely be too low-level to defeat the opponents and boss of this endgame area. 

Nonetheless, you have the option of activating this glitch. If you choose this route, you will be able to bypass nearly 90% of the game if you fight the boss at the end of Farum Azula.

Defeating the boss of the endgame area will immediately set the tree on fire, and you won’t be able to turn back, missing out on most, if not all, of the Elden Ring tale. 

The Erdtree will be burned at the endgame regardless of the path you take. You can either skip the Fire Giant boss fight and the Erdtree’s burning cutscene or continue playing normally.


Elden Ring’s world is full of hidden secrets and surprises, and it’s likely that there will be many different ways for players to approach and interact with the Erdtree. Whether or not you burn the tree is simply one of many possible paths remains to be seen, and players may find that their choices have consequences that ripple throughout the game’s story and lore. 

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure is to play the game and see for yourself! After all, Elden Ring is a game that offers players a great deal of freedom and choice in how they approach challenges and objectives. It’s entirely possible that players may find alternate paths or strategies that allow them to progress without burning the Erdtree. 

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