What Happens When DRM Servers Go Down?

The introduction of Digital Rights Management (DRM) servers has revolutionized the way we play video games. Such servers allow game developers to protect their games from piracy and ensure that players who purchase the game can play it without any issues. 

However, what happens if a video game’s always-on DRM servers go down?

What Will Happen If a Video Game's Always-On DRM Servers Go Down?

It’s up to the official game what happens. If these servers go down, there’s nothing left to do. Because a big part of the game, or even the whole thing, is being run on these servers. 

A group of players and fans would probably build their own servers, but they’d probably be private and you’d have to know someone to use them.

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Fallout 4 and Xcom might get one last update that gets rid of the DRM, or players will have to use DRM cracks. In most regions, it is not against the law to use a DRM removal tool [1] (Crack) on your own copy. 

In short, if a game’s always-on DRM servers go down, the game will likely become unplayable, or players may need to find alternate ways to play the game.


When a game’s always-on DRM servers go down, the game will not be playable. Players are also likely to find alternative ways to play the game. 

In some cases, a patch may be released to remove the DRM, while in others, players may need to use a DRM removal tool in order to keep playing the game.

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