Lunar Shrine Divinity

How to Solve the Lunar Shrine on Divinity

Solving the Lunar Shrine Puzzle on Divinity: Original Sin 2 can be a tough challenge. But you don’t need to stress out anymore, because our gamers are here to share their surefire tips and tricks! 

Here, we’ll outline the the right steps to solve the puzzle and get yourself one step closer to completing the game. Ready? Let’s get started!

How to Solve The Lunar Shrine Puzzle

On Divinity: Original Sin 2, players occasionally face challenges which they have no idea how to deal with until they do more exploring to find puzzle pieces found far apart. 

This forces players to explore the rich and vibrant world and all of its nooks and crannies in search of treasures. The tricky and mysterious Lunar Shrine, with its puzzle-locked magical barrier, can obstruct the player’s path. 

Lunar Shrine

While there isn’t much information for those who happen upon this location by chance, there are some things that the player can do to get through this mystical gate without too much trouble.

Activate the Switch on the Floor Next to the Lever

While the hint can be subtle due to certain camera angles making it difficult to see, there is a lightning bolt on a tile-like switch near the magical barrier and a lever. 

Players can figure out that they are supposed to introduce some sort of electricity to this tile in the hopes of activating something with some guesswork and knowledge of how this game works. 

This can be done in a variety of ways thanks to the versatility of overworld spells and weapon use in this wonderfully organic game, but the next step must be taken after the electricity is applied.

Use the Pillars in the Correct Order to Prime the Lever

Adventurers can use trial and error methods to solve this part of the puzzle by brute force or look for clues on the order to activate the pillars. 

Divinity Original Sin 2 - imp pillar

However, the former method is much faster. The order one needs to activate the pillars is as follows: the Lizard Pillar, then the Human Pillar, and then finally the Orc Pillar.

Pull the Lever to Drop the Magical Barrier

After activating the three specified pillars in the correct order, players can pull the lever in front of the gate, which will lower the light blue magical barrier and allow the player and their party to proceed.

What Are the Different Ways to Activate the Floor Switch With Electricity?

By Using Spells

Players can light up the floor switch before the Lunar Shrine’s magical barrier with spells that normally shock foes, such as many that do Air-type damage and lightning or shooting similar types of energy. But if one’s party lacks such a mage, there are other options.

By Using Weapons

Those who have a weapon that can deal air-type damage, such as the Eternal Stormblade, can use it for a similar effect. The Eternal Stormblade can be found conveniently north of the Lunar Shrine in a cave along The Nameless Isle’s rocky coast.

Lunar Shrine entrance

By Using Items

There are even items that can be used for this feat, such as Phase Capacitors, which can be found and picked up in various areas. To activate the floor switch, simply place one of these energy containers loaded with electricity from one’s inventory on it. 

A few Phase Capacitors can be found north of the Lunar Shrine, in the same cave where the Eternal Stormblade can be obtained.

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