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Fixed: Discord Messages Failed to Load When Joining a Server

Lately, many game players have complained that their Discord messages failed to load when joining a server. If you are experiencing this, you will agree that with this error, in-game communication is cut off.

Fact is, this error happens for several reasons. Not to worry, this guide will provide insights into why you run into this error and how to fix it.

Why Do I Receive the Discord “Messages Failed to Load” Error When I Join a Server?

You may receive this error for several reasons. While it is peculiar and indefinite for each player, here are the common reasons:

DISCORD messages failed to load

Top Fixes to the “Messages Failed to Load” Error on Discord

Fix #1: Reboot Discord

This is the simplest way to solve this issue before trying advanced methods. All you have to do is restart Discord. This might solve the issue because something as little as a temporary system glitch or issue might cause the problem with the application.

 The most effective way to do this is to close your Discord app from the task manager. Also, ensure to close all related running programs.

Fix #2: Check If You Missed an Update

No application is built perfectly. They are perfect over time with several updates to ensure that any bug in your current version is fixed. 

check updates for Discord

Therefore, check to be sure you did not miss an update. This can be why you are running into this error message in the first place.

To update your Discord app, you must press Ctrl + R. This will refresh your app and download and install the newest update.

Fix #3: Try Other Platforms

Discord is available on Windows, macOS, iPad, Android, iOS, and web browsers. For example, if you are experiencing this issue on your iPad, you can try Windows or your iPad to see if you receive the same error message.

Fix #4: Check Your Internet Speed and Consistency

Another major reason why you might be unable to view your messages is if your internet connection is unstable. The majority of times, what causes this is if your network bandwidth or latency is low. 

wifi router

The best way out is to optimize your network [1] for the best result. You can troubleshoot your internet and network problems, disconnect all devices connected to guide against throttling or clear your router cache. 

Fix #5: Switch Text Channels

A Discord server has several text channels, such as voice channels. Instead of using text, you can move to speech. 

Try to switch from one channel to the other in case of an issue with one of the other channels. 

Fix #6: Wait for the Ban to be Lifted

Chances are that you are banned if your Discord messages are not appearing. You might have broken one of the Discord set rules which might have hindered you from viewing your messages.

This ban could be temporary. You can reach out to the support team to inquire about the ban and wait till the ban is lifted.

Fix #7: Use a VPN

Another reason you may not be getting messages is if there are certain restrictions on your country. All you have to do is use a VPN. The reason is that they ban Discord in many countries.

use VPN

Fix #8: Force Restart Discord

You can also force restart your Discord app to solve this issue. All you have to do is end your Discord game abruptly. You can sign out of it by force closing the application. Relaunch the application to see if the issue has been fixed.

Fix #9: Inspect the Server Permission Settings

Another way to resolve this issue is to check the server permission or admin settings. If the settings do not allow text, you might be unable to receive in-game messages.

When to Report to Discord

You are to report to Discord any glitch after you must have employed all the fixes we have shared in this guide and all to no avail.

Chances are that you may have been banned from the Discord server. Reach out to them inquiring about your status and negotiate or liaise with them on when and how to lift the ban if they find you erring. 


There are various reasons why your Discord messages failed to load when joining a server, as enumerated and explained in this guide. You can trust these reliable fixes our resident games have provided you with. 

But with this error, there are chances that you may be banned. Therefore, reach out to the Discord support team for a swift resolution. 

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