destiny 2 Season 8 First Watch Quest Steps Destiny

Destiny 2 Season 8: First Watch Quest Steps

If you’re trying to complete the Season 8: First Watch quest, you may be wondering how many steps there are. Well, we got the answer for you! 

Check out our post to see how many steps you’ll need to take to complete this quest on Destiny.

How Many Steps Does the Quest Have?

The Season 8: First Watch quest consists of three steps, one for each of the three rewards. Complete step 1 to obtain the first shader, step 2 to obtain the second, and step 3 to obtain the Emblem. 

The third and final step is the arc step. The Crucible [1] and Gambit quests worked similarly. The points score is out of a total of 1,800,000 (you start step 3 with this at more than 50% already), so 18,000 points equal to 1%. 

destiny 2 Season 8 First Watch Quest Steps

A 15-minute 920 Ordeal should yield about 5%. The kills are out of 900, so you only need 9 to get 1%. Begin the quest at the start of the season. This quest will most likely be replaced by a new one next season. 

There are more important things to do with your time. You can obtain items such as wendigo, edgewise, and even Erianna’s progress through strike playlists, so it is recommended that you clump together as many quests for the playlists as possible to make your time worthwhile.

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