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Deep Rock Galactic Omen Modular Exterminator, Machine Events

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative first-person shooter video game developed by Ghost Ship Games. In the game, players take on the roles of dwarven miners exploring dangerous underground caves filled with deadly creatures and valuable resources. 

One of the game’s recent updates introduced a new enemy type called the Omen Modular Exterminator, which has quickly become a formidable opponent for players to face. Additionally, the update also introduced Machine Events, which are special challenges that players can encounter during their missions for the chance to earn valuable rewards. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Omen Modular Exterminator and Machine Events in Deep Rock Galactic, exploring their mechanics, rewards, and strategies for success.

Machine Events: What Are These?

DRG Introduction part

Deep Rock Galactic’s Machine Events are what set the game apart from others and serve as both a challenge and a source of potential rewards. Each replay will seem fresh and unexpected because these things can happen at any time during a normal mission. Longer missions have a larger possibility of producing a Machine Event because of the mission’s cumulative time spent in operation.

If a Machine Event ever occurs, participants will have to search for a secret Machine Event Terminal deep within the cave network in order to begin the test. When triggered, players must cooperate to accomplish a series of goals, which may include anything from repelling hordes of opponents to unraveling a perplexing puzzle. If you have a Blank Matrix Core, finishing a Machine Event will earn you experience, credits, and a weapon skin or overclock.

To claim their Machine Event benefits, players need unique artifacts called Blank Matrix Cores. In order to obtain a Blank Matrix Core, players must either do a Deep Dive or the Weekly Core Hunt. These tasks can be difficult, but the benefits they bring to the player make it well worth the effort.

One thing to keep in mind is that in order to trigger a Machine Event, a player will need a Tritylate Key if it is their first time playing Deep Rock Galactic. Once the player has promoted their first dwarf, they will get access to a unique mission that will provide them access to this key upon successful completion. 

Hence, new players will have to make some progress in the game before they can enjoy the challenge and pleasure of Machine Events.

DRG Drone Replicator

Omen Modular Exterminator - How To Complete It?

Unlike the DRG’s Communications Router, the Omen Modular Exterminator is the most challenging Machine Event in Deep Rock Galactic, requiring players to destroy a Modular Extermination Tower with three different levels, each with a weak point that must be shot to disable a section. To expose the weak points, players must stand on one of three different platforms located around the tower. 

Any player can hit the weak points as long as at least one dwarf remains on a platform. The event involves defending against waves of enemies, making coordination and communication with the team essential. Despite its difficulty, the rewards for completing this event are significant, making it a popular challenge for experienced players.

Although the Omen Modular Exterminator event involves only three levels of the Modular Extermination Tower, it has the potential to spawn with any of four different weapons.

The Drone Replicator

The Drone Replicator has three weak areas. It fires slow-moving drones that close in on players before detonating. All drones have minimal Health, thus a few bullets will kill them before they come close. Even if the previous drones are still alive, a new set will spawn in six seconds.

The Omen Modular Exterminator resists explosions, frost, and fire by 70%. Use standard ammo for weak places. This Machine Event will take longer otherwise. Gunner is our top dwarf pick for this case. His Shield Generator temporarily disables the Omen Modular Exterminator.

DRG Omen Modular Extermination

The Heavy Burster Module

As part of the Omen Modular Exterminator event in Deep Rock Galactic, a targeting laser is dragged slowly around the tower, exposing three weak places in the Heavy Burster Module. If the laser hits an opponent, a machine gun will begin shooting at them, dealing heavy damage. Players can avoid injury by staying out of the way of the laser.

The Radial Pulse-Gun Component

This is Omen Modular Exterminator’s strongest weapon. While it has three weaknesses, it emits slow-moving purple rays that cause significant harm. Dodge, leap, or hide behind boulders to evade the beams. As the strongest weapon, eliminating this tower portion first will make the other weapons easier to defeat.

The Twin Slicer Module

Two weak points sweep the tower at various heights in this module. Lasers are simple to steer clear of and may assist players, too.

DRG Radial Pulse Gun

Additional Deep Rock Galactic Machine Events

Here are the other Machine Events in the game:

Tritilyte Crystal

Deep Rock Galactic’s Tritilyte Crystal event requires explosives to break open a large crystal. 

Nanite Bomb Charges are hefty explosives that can only be hurled once. They explode when thrown, shot, or hit. To save explosives, aim carefully. 

Players must also avoid explosive charges, which might hurt them. The Nanite Bomb Dispenser may spawn distance from players, making it difficult to reach the crystal. Engineer platforms, Gunner zipline, and Driller tunnels can help players travel.

If enough explosive charges destroy the Tritilyte Crystal, the event finishes. After finishing the event, players receive a lot of Tritilyte Crystals, which can be used to make unique cosmetics and weapon overclocks or sold for a lot of credit.

DRG Heavy Burster Weapin

Kursite Infection

When activated, the Machine Event found in Deep Rock Galactic infects the local insects and draws them to your location. When the machine is powered on, it enables a laser grinder and spawns additional foes that are infected with Kursite. These foes have yellow crystals embedded in their blue skin, and when they die, they drop chunks of Kursite. 

The most common types of foe you will run against are Infectious Glyphid Acid Spitters, Praetorians, and Mactera Spawns. To put an end to the event, players need to gather the Kursite chunks that have been dropped by the infected bugs and then deposit them into the machine.

Ebonite Mutation

Deep Rock Galactic’s Machine Events have mutated Hoxxes’ bugs into Grunts, Praetorians, and Glyphids with rock-like skin that resists bullets. This event causes the Overcharge Sprinkler to release glowing canisters that temporarily increase the dwarves’ pickaxe power attack downtime. 

Gamers must use these power-ups to quickly open rock-infected bugs. Killing enough Ebonite bugs ends the event. The most exciting Machine Event involves minimum preparation and presents a unique challenge for players.

Additional Deep Rock Galactic Machine Events

The Core Infuser itself becomes accessible after any Deep Rock Galactic Machine Event. Insert a Blank Matrix Core into the infuser and select from two different Weapon Overclocks or DRG class cosmetics. Participants can still claim their Core Infuser award if they failed the quest. The Machine Event’s Weapon Overclocks and cosmetics won’t be lost.


Machine Events are considered a fun and exciting addition to Deep Rock Galactic. They offer a unique and challenging experience for players and provide an opportunity to earn valuable rewards. 

These are popular features in Deep Rock Galactic and add to the already enjoyable gameplay [1] experience, providing players with even more reasons to explore the depths of the game.

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