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How To Defeat The Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic?

In the game, players face a variety of challenges, including hostile creatures like the Nemesis, a towering and powerful enemy that can decimate a team if they’re not prepared. Thus, we will be talking about the different strategies and tips for taking down the Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic. 

From understanding its behavior and weaknesses to choosing the right weapons and upgrades, we’ll cover everything you need to know to defeat this fearsome enemy and complete your missions successfully. So, gear up, prepare your team, and let’s take on the Nemesis.

Who is The Nemesis And Where To Find Him

The Nemesis is a dangerous robot in Deep Rock Galactic that uses a mix of weapons and threats from previous seasons. It can be identified on the map by a bright moving triangle.  It has three weak points for increased damage, and its arms can grab and suspend a dwarf, quickly draining their HP. 

The Nemesis’s grab attack is one of its most dangerous moves, as it can quickly drain a player’s HP and leave them vulnerable to other attacks.

Nemesis encounter

The perk Heightened Senses can provide a warning before the grab attack, giving players a chance to take quick action to avoid being caught. However, players must be prepared to act quickly, as the Nemesis’s grab attack is swift and deadly.

Shooting the robot’s arms will not release a player from its grasp, making it essential to have terrain between the player and the Nemesis. This means that players must use cover to block the robot’s attacks and maneuver themselves to a safe distance. 

Additionally, having a team member distract the Nemesis while another player escapes can also be an effective tactic.

Moreover, The Nemesis is a formidable foe that requires skill and strategy to defeat. Its massive size and deadly attacks make it a daunting opponent, but with the right tactics and equipment, players can emerge victorious.

Weaknesses and Strategies of Nemesis

Limited Range

One of the key characteristics of the Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic is its limited range. The robot has no ranged attacks and will instead use defensive force fields to block player fire and push them around if they’re not in melee range. This means that players can use ranged attacks to deal damage to the Nemesis from a safe distance.

Nemesis encounter

However, the Nemesis’s primary goal is to get into melee range, where it can use its deadly attacks and grab players with its arms. Therefore, players must always be on the move and maintain a safe distance from the robot to avoid its attacks. 

Defeating the Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic causes it to release mines that detonate after a few seconds, highlighting an area.


Overheating is a crucial strategy in defeating the Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic. The robot is vulnerable to heat damage, which can quickly overheat it and cause it to explode. The Driller’s flamethrower is the best tool for causing heat damage, but it may take multiple canisters to take down the Nemesis due to its large HP bar.

To continue causing heat damage, players can use the Driller’s sticky flames or other heat-based weapons to keep the robot burning when a force barrier is deployed or when reloading. 

It’s worth noting that frost and poison damage are ineffective against the Nemesis, but corrosive damage can be useful, although heat damage is still the most effective.

How To Defeat Nemesis When Playing As A Gunner

Aside from the Driller’s flamethrower, the Gunner class in Deep Rock Galactic has Incendiary Grenades that can cause heat damage to the Nemesis. 

However, this tactic may not always produce enough damage to take down the robot, and players may need to use other methods, such as the Driller’s sticky flames, to continue causing heat damage.

It’s also important to note that Gunner’s shield may not always be effective against the Nemesis. While the shield can protect players from the robot’s attacks, the Nemesis has a grab attack that can bypass the shield and quickly drain a player’s health. Therefore, players must use caution when engaging with the Nemesis and avoid getting caught in its grasp.

How To Defeat Nemesis When Playing As An Engineer

The Engineer class in Deep Rock Galactic has the Shard Diffractor, a new tool that acquires heat damage and can be used against robots like the Nemesis. 

However, players should be cautious with rapid strikes, as the Nemesis will likely deploy a force barrier in the direction of the damage, wasting potential damage.

The Breach Cutter build is also an effective weapon for dealing with fast bursts of damage. 

The Scout class has an advantage in maneuverability, allowing them to easily readjust their position and attack the Nemesis from various angles. Their grappling hook can also help them avoid the Nemesis’s grab attack by quickly moving them out of harm’s way.

Wrapping Up

Defeating the Nemesis in Deep Rock Galactic is a challenging and intense experience that requires skill and strategy. With its massive size, deadly attacks, and limited range, the Nemesis poses a significant threat to players, and they must be well-prepared to take it down.

While the Nemesis adds an additional challenge to the game, its inclusion provides an exciting and intense gameplay [1] experience that keeps players engaged and on the edge of their seats. By working together and using their wits, players can defeat the Nemesis and emerge victorious, completing their missions successfully.

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