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CS:GO Weekly Drop System

The weekly drop system in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a great way to get rewards for playing the game. It rewards players with new weapon skins and cases, as well as other cosmetics, for playing the game on a regular basis. 

It’s one of the main ways that Valve has been able to keep players engaged in the game for extended periods of time. But how does the weekly drop system actually work?

How Does the Weekly Drop System Work in CS:GO?

The weekly drop system in CS:GO works by rewarding players with random drops for playing the game. Every week, players will receive a drop for playing a certain amount of matches. 

The drop will be a random selection of cosmetics, including weapon skins, cases, and stickers. Additionally, players can increase their chances of receiving a drop by playing more matches.

CSGO weekly drop system

When you level up your Profile Rank, you get a random item once a week. It could be a skin for a weapon from the current pool or graffiti [1]. No matter the game mode, you always get your drops at the end of a match. 

To move up in your Profile Rank, you’ll need to get 5,000XP. The drop reset happens mid-week. Tuesday for players in NA and Wednesday for players in EU.

The drops are also tiered, meaning that players can receive different drops depending on how many matches they’ve played. The more matches a player plays, the better the rewards they can get. The drops are also randomized, so players never know what they’re going to get.

CSGO weekly drop system

What items are available as rewards for leveling up in CS: GO?

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Valve, the developer of CS: GO, sets an active pool of skin collections from which players can receive skins as weekly drops. These skins are randomized and can range in rarity depending on the specific collection and the rarity of the individual skin within that collection. 

CSGO The M4A1-S - Welcome to the Jungle

It’s important to note that this order has no bearing on the rarity or value of the skins in these collections, as that is determined by the specific skins themselves and their rarity within the collection.

To obtain skins from collections such players must either purchase them on the Steam marketplace or open a souvenir case. It’s important to note that certain highly desirable and expensive skins cannot be obtained as weekly drops.


Graffiti sprays, which are cosmetic goods that may be acquired through the CS:GO drop system, are typically regarded as the least valuable of all the items that are accessible. With the majority of them having a worth of less than a dollar, they can be considered as “filler” items in the drop system. 

Graffiti sprays are primarily an aesthetic element, though some players may enjoy being able to customize their surroundings in the game. They have no gameplay implications.


In addition to weapon skins and graffiti sprays, CS:GO players can also obtain cases through the drop system. Unlike Profile Rank rewards, cases are randomly awarded at the end of a match and cannot be obtained through leveling up. Each player can receive a maximum of three cases per week, regardless of their Profile Rank level.

Unlocking recoil case

The cases that players receive are determined based on whether they have a Prime or non-Prime account. Prime accounts are those that have verified their phone number with Steam, which is an optional step for players. Prime accounts have a separate pool of cases from non-Prime accounts, which means that the cases available to each group of players may differ.

Cases contain a variety of items, including weapon skins, stickers, and other cosmetic items. In order to open a case, players must first purchase a key from the Steam marketplace. 

Keys are sold separately from cases and can be quite expensive, with some rare keys costing hundreds of dollars. Despite the cost of keys, opening cases is a popular activity for many CS:GO players who enjoy the thrill of potentially obtaining a rare and valuable item.


All in all, the weekly drop system is a great way for Valve to keep players engaged in the game for extended periods of time. Additionally, they provide players with an opportunity to earn in-game items and skins for free, which can enhance the overall gaming experience and add value to their accounts. 

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