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How to Turn on the Wallhack Command on CS:GO

Wallhack is known as a cheat that allows you to see through walls and other objects in the game. This can be very useful for finding enemy players and avoiding ambushes.

Here, we’ll show you how to turn on wallhack on CS:GO using the console. 

How to Turn on Wallhack on CS:GO Console

First of all, you have to be the owner of the server to be able to type “sv_cheats 1” into the console. To do this, press the Tilde key (“~”)

Now, when the cheats are turned on, everyone on your server can use the client-side command to change their own wallhack settings. Type “r _drawOtherModels 2” into the console and hit the Enter key to turn on wallhacks. 

wallhack command

If you are close enough to an entity (which in Dust II could be a player, a weapon, a bomb, or a ball you can kick around), you will be able to see it clearly through the wall. 

To turn off this command, you only need to type “r_drawOtherModels 1.” Why not 0, you may ask? Because that will stop the model from being drawn. If you also turn off the crosshair, it might be a cool way to take screenshots.

You can also type in “enable_skeleton_draw 1” to turn on a wallhack. It works a little bit differently than r_drawOtherModels, but in the end, it does the same thing for you (you can even try turning them both at the same time).

csgo wallhack command

Considering its features, wallhacks can add a lot to your custom games if you turn them on in your console [1], but that doesn’t mean you should use them to troll your friends.

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