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CS: GO Train Callouts — All You Need To Know

In CS:GO, every map has its own unique set of callouts that players use to communicate with their teammates about enemy positions, bomb sites, and other important locations. Here, we will focus specifically on the callouts used on the CS:GO map called Train. 

We will explore the various callouts, their significance, and how to use them effectively in gameplay. Understanding and mastering these callouts is essential for any CS:GO player looking to improve their team communication and overall gameplay.

Here’s the List of All The Train Callouts

Spools: Situated opposite to Bomb Train, Spools are located between the entry points to the B Site on the Train map.

Catwalk: A continuation of Upper B that allows gamers to enter the B Site.

Headshot: Catwalk ends at this tiny area on the Train map. Snipers like to crouche here because opponents can only see their character’s head.

Bomb Train (B): Plant the bomb here on the Train map’s B Site. The B Site’s central location demands careful planning and execution to plant successfully.

White: The Train map shows a white train near B Site’s B Ramp entrance. Players often utilize it as a landmark.

T Spawn: This is the starting point for the terrorists at the far end of the Train map, opposite to where the counter-terrorists spawn.

A Main: The primary route used by terrorists to move from their spawn area to the A Site.

T Stairs: A set of stairs that the terrorists use to move from T Spawn to B Halls and B Site.

Brown Halls: This is a passageway that links T Stairs and B Hall together on the Train map.

Showers: Located near Brown Halls, this room offers an alternative route to B Halls from either T Spawn or A Site.

Popdog: This term is used to identify the ladder situated on A Site that leads to B Hall. Additionally, it encompasses the surrounding area and the room where the ladder is located on the Train map.

B Halls: This area is a crucial point of access for terrorists to reach the B Site on the Train map. It is a significant location where players often assemble to prepare for an unforeseen attack.

B Halls with B signs as train callouts

B Ramp: Lower Entrance, also known as one of the two entry points to the B Site on the Train map.

Upper B: The entrance to the B Site on the Train map is elevated and farthest from the T Spawn, making it a challenging location for terrorists to reach.

Ladder: This passageway is utilized by players to travel from Upper B to the B Site on the Train map.

Yellow: A yellow train on Bomb Train’s rails on the Train map’s B Site. Players use it to locate and traverse the B Site.

Red (B): This red train is opposite the Z Connector entrance on the Train map, near CT Spawn. Defenders can hide and ambush attackers entering B Site.

Oil: The B Site of the Train map has a black railway tank near Headshot. Players can hide behind this landmark.

Sidewalk: Players can use this pathway to move from B Ramp to Z Connector on the Train map.


Z Connector: This train map route connects A and B Sites. It connects the two sites and allows players to flank or surprise opponents.

CT Spawn: Train counter-terrorists begin here. The game rounds begin behind the B Site’s two doors. Terrorists cannot enter the B Site by defending this area.

Back Site (B): CT Spawn to Yellow on the Train map. It protects defenders from B Ramp or B Hall terrorist attacks.

E Box: A Train map electrical box. Defenders of the A Site wait for opponents near this box to see Popdog, a critical position for attackers.

Bomb Train (A): Terrorists can plant the bomb or surround it on the A Site of the Train map. Planting takes careful planning and execution.

Heaven: This ladder-accessible position on the Train map offers a window view of the A Site. It is a high location that defenders can use to secure the A Site or attackers to scout before attacking.

Cubby: The Train map has a staircase to Heaven. As Heaven Cubby, it gives defenders a good view of the A Site and is crucial to control.

Pigeons: Between Alley and Ivy on the Train map. Terrorists use it to reach Ivy or A Main while attacking the A Site.

CT Stairs: Counter-terrorists can utilize these stairs to reach the A Site on the Train map. It can be used to surprise terrorists and reach the A Site.

Old Bomb: The Train map shows Old Bomb near CT Stairs. Players could put the bomb on the A Site in prior CS:GO Train map versions. 

A1: One of three paths from the CT Tunnel or CT Stairs to the Train map’s A Site’s main region. It is the fastest way to the A Site from CT Spawn.

A2: CT Tunnels to Old Bomb to Bomb Train on the A Site of the Train map. It is a long approach that can surprise defenses by assaulting from a different direction.

A3: On the Train map, this route connects the CT Tunnel, where counter-terrorists spawn, to the A Site. It leads to Green, although players can try Ivy.

CT Tunnel: A corridor behind a building on the A Site of the Train map. This route connects CT Stairs to A3 for counter-terrorists and CT Spawn to the B Site for terrorists.

Ivy: Terrorists may use this train map corridor to assault the CT team from behind. 

Dumpster: This Train map dumpster is between T Spawn and Alley. Players can jump on it for a better look.

Alley: This route brings terrorists from their spawn location to Pigeons and Ivy on the Train map. 

Olof: The A Site of the Train map has a niche near Blue. 

Sandwich: Between Green and Blue on the A Site of the Train map. 

Hell: This map nearby Green on the A Site of the Train map. Players have a good perspective on A3 and Ivy from it.

Red (A): A red train in the centre of the A Site on the Train map. It is a crucial signpost for navigating the A Site.

Blue: The A Site of the Train map has a blue train opposite the A Main entrance. Players utilize it to navigate.


Green: The A Site of the Train map’s green train begins A3. Players can navigate using it.

Camera: This building divides Train map A2 and A3 paths. Players can navigate using it.

Kitchen: Terrorists enter the Kitchen on the Train map while going from T Stairs to Showers. 

Summit: The A Site of the Train map divides Bomb Train and Green here.

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Wrapping Up

It’s not necessary to memorize all the maps in CS:GO, but it can definitely help you improve your gameplay. Familiarizing yourself with the map [1] layout and callouts can give you an edge over other players as you can easily communicate with your team and understand the strategic possibilities of each location.

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