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CS:GO Spectator — Your Quick Guide

As a feature of the game CS:GO, spectators do not directly interact in the game, but players in the mode can still view the game from different angles and view player and team statistics. 

But what else is there to know about this mode? Our resident CS:GO gamers will explain what you need to know in this article! 

What is a Spectator on CS:GO?

A spectator is a type of player who does not take part in the game but is allowed to watch it. When a player dies, they go straight into spectator mode. 

Players who aren’t dead can use the X-ray in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by pressing a key (default X). When the lights are on, the silhouettes of all the players in their team colors can be seen through the walls. 

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For example, a blue aura shows that a player is a Counter-Terrorist, while a brownish-yellow aura shows that a player is a Terrorist. 

Grenade trails are also shown in their own colors, and a player’s aim is shown by a ray coming out of their chest that is the color of their team. When the X-ray is on, players who have been damaged will see how much health they have lost as a red fill from the bottom.

When a player is dead, the HUD always shows the money of the player being spectated instead of the player’s own money. If no other player is being spectated, the player’s own money will be shown. Players can also watch their friends play by clicking the right mouse button and choosing “Watch” from the Main Option’s “Friends” menu. 

On the scoreboard and in the top right corner of the HUD, you can see how many people are watching a match. If the player being watched is flashed, spectators will see a white filter that still lets them see some of what is going on. 

Normal viewing will show a circle that will get smaller as the effects of the flashbang wear off. For GOTV viewers, the screen will show an icon of an eye with a cross (X) and the text “[BLINDED].”

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If all of the players die from the C4 [1] explosion in Bomb Scenario, the camera will focus on where the C4 was planted. If the T team was wiped out after the bomb was planted, the camera will also focus on where the C4 is. If not, if a team was eliminated, the cameras of the dead players would be stuck where the last player was seen.

In sum, spectators are a key part of the CS:GO experience, providing an extra layer of insight and entertainment to the game. They are also able to watch their friends play, use the X-ray to get an up-close view of the action, and see the effects of flashbangs on the players. 

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