Net Graph Size csgo CS:GO

CS:GO Net Graph Size

As a gamer, you know how important it is to have all the information you need at your fingertips when playing your favorite game. 

That’s why we’re here to share with you the net graph size in CS:GO. Having the right settings can make all the difference in your gameplay, so read on to learn more.

What is Net Graph in CS:GO?

The “net graph” is a special command in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has to be typed into the console or included in the configuration. 

But why and how to minimize a net graph? When the command is activated, there will be a list. Even for huge displays, the default setting expects an indication of 1, which is a lot. 

Because of this, both professionals and newcomers alike should understand how to minimize the net graph in CS:GO. You only need to enter the net_graphproportionalfont 0 command in the console.

Net Graph Size csgo

The number of packets sent or received as well as information about the client and server’s internet connections are all included in the net graph. 

Because there is a lot of information there, and many consider the supplied data to be useless, CS:GO players are frequently interested in minimizing net graphs. 

However, this information is beneficial for any professional player [1]. You may assess the PC, internet connection, and server’s capabilities to show the best game without experiencing low ping or FPS.

How to Resize and Position Net Graph in CS:GO

Many gamers are wondering if it is realistic to control the location of the net graph. The signal can only be found on the screen’s bottom. Reducing net graph one by setting the value to 0 is not much of a problem. 

The window may also be centered or moved to the right or left corner to change the positioning. To do this, enter the command net_graphos in the console. 

Net Graph Size csgo

The position on the right is indicated by the number 1, the location in the middle is 2, and the place on the left is 3.

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