CS:GO Infinite Time Command: A Complete Guide

For all the Counter-Strike:Global Offensive gamers out there, we’re here to provide a quick and easy guide on how to use the infinite time command. 

This console command can be very useful in certain situations, so you shouldn’t miss out on this feature. Here’s what you need to know about it!

How to Use the Infinite Time Command on CS:GO

This guide will walk you through the process of using the infinite time command in your private lobbies. Keep in mind that you must be able to open the console.

Infinite Time csgo


There will be a 5-minute warm-up period before each game you join. Most players just want the warm-up phase to be over since they think it is a complete waste of time.


This command will be used to ensure that the round won’t finish if the bomb explodes or is defused. It will be assured that the round does not finish due to circumstances that would typically terminate the rounds because the round wins requirements are disregarded. 

Rounds not finishing might make practice sessions easier because you won’t have to go back in time and walk all the way to your starting point.


Restarting the game is the last step to putting all of your changes into effect. 

You must totally restart the game in order for the commands to function. This command must be entered into the console in order to restart the game.


Why is the Infinite Time Command Important?

Like the money command, infinite time is also really helpful. Players may build practice lobbies (which are private lobbies), to practice smokes, grenades [1], and Molotov lineups on various Active Duty maps. 

The command is ideal since it can only be used in a private lobby.

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