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How to Get CS:GO Cases — Your Quick Guide

Have you been wanting to get your hands on rare and exclusive CS:GO cases but don’t want to spend any money? If so, then you’re in luck! Our gamers know all the different methods of getting free CS:GO cases. 

Here, we’ll share registration bonuses, giveaways, how to earn a case, deposit bonuses, and site activity. By the end of this post, you’ll be well on your way to getting those rare cases without spending a dime!

How to Get Free CS:GO Cases

When you play CS:GO, you can get free cases, but you still have to buy a key to open the case. However, there’s a good chance that the item inside won’t be worth as much as the key. 

Here are some ways to get free cases that won’t cost you anything to open:

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Registration Bonus

There are websites that will give you a free CS:GO case just for signing up to their website. Usually, all you have to do to sign up is give a user name and email address. After you sign up, the case is yours.


Some sites have giveaways where you can get a free case on a regular basis. If you follow a site on social media, you can often find out about their giveaways. 

Often, these are done like a lottery. You put your name in the hat, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be the one whose name is picked.

Earn a Case

There are some CS:GO sites that will give you a free case if you do simple things like tell a friend about the site, like one of their social media posts, or fill out a survey. Most of the time, these tasks are easy to do and only take a minute or two to finish.

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Deposit Bonus

If you’re an avid CS:GO player, you may want to consider taking advantage of deposit bonuses. Many sites will offer a bonus when you make a deposit into your account. 

These bonuses can range from coins to free cases. Be sure to read the terms and conditions before making a deposit, as some sites require a minimum deposit before the bonus is credited [1].

Site Activity

If you use some sites often, you might get a free case. Depending on the site, cases might even be given out every day. This is something you can find on sites where you can bet on CS:GO. 

Again, why not claim a free case if you were going to use the site anyway?

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Getting free CS: GO cases is easier than you may think. Be sure to check the registration bonuses, giveaways, deposit bonuses, and site activities available so you can maximize your chances of getting those free cases. Good luck and happy hunting!

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