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Fixed: Corrupt Download Delete and Redownload the Match (CS:GO)

Are you receiving an error message that reads “Failed to download match data” or “Corrupt download, delete and redownload the match” when attempting to join a match in CS:GO? 

These messages can be frustrating and can cause your game to fail to launch. To help you out, our gamers compiled all the methods and their corresponding steps you can make to fix this issue immediately. Here are the details on how to fix CS:GO “corrupt download, delete, and redownload the match” error.

How to Fix the CS:GO Corrupt Download, Delete and Redownload the Match Error

There are various ways to fix this CS:GO issue. Follow these in order to an efficient troubleshooting process:

demo manager

Transfer and Delete Contents of CS:GO “Cache” Folder

Now, try to get the demo games. If it works for you, delete the files you copied and pasted from the “csgo” folder just to be safe.

Transfer and Delete Contents of CS:GO “Replays” Folder

delete match content

Overall, the problem is that the game you’re trying to get probably doesn’t have a .DEM file [1]. That’s why you can’t download the match, but if you do the next step, the system will make one for you and you’ll be able to play it again.

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