Chances of Getting a Knife CS:GO

What are the Chances of Getting a Knife on CS:GO?

Have you ever wondered what the chances are of getting a knife in CS:GO? If you’ve been playing the game for a while, you know that they’re pretty slim. But just how slim are they? 

In this post, our gaming team takes a look at the odds of finding a knife in CS:GO and see if there’s any way to increase your chances.

What Are the Chances of Getting a Knife on CS:GO?

You get the choice to unbox each item in a case when you open it. Therefore, you have a good probability of receiving a Mil-Spec skin (79.92%), a little lower chance of receiving a Restricted skin (15.98%), and so on up until the very rare skins. 

The full list of chances to obtain a CS:GO knife is as follows:

Chances of Getting a Knife in CSGO

The likelihood of finding a knife skin is about 1 in 400. However, that is normal. If you open 10 cases, you could receive a knife. 

If you open 1000 cases, you might get a knife (or one of the best Stiletto knives). 

A knife skin can also be purchased on a skin exchange website like Tradeit or the Steam Market. For better options, check this list of the best cases to open in CS:GO

How Can I Get a Knife Skin?

“What is my pricing target?” This is the first question you should ask yourself if you currently don’t have a knife skin in your collection and want to get one from a skin trading website. 

Although there are numerous alternatives available in the market, knife skins [1] are often expensive. To see only the selections that are within your price range, use the price filter. Such a filter will be present on any website where skins may be purchased or sold.

Chances of Getting a Knife

If you want to unbox a knife skin and don’t care about any other skins, you should buy the cheapest cases that contain the types of knife skins you like and then unbox them. 

Knife skins are extremely rare items, so be ready to spend at least a few hundred bucks before you locate what you’re looking for.

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