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CS:GO Case Butterfly Knife — Your Quick Guide

CS:GO is a game that is known to offer players an array of cosmetic skins that can be applied to certain weapons for the customization. One of the most popular ones is the Butterfly Knife, a highly coveted knife skin that can be found in certain cases. 

Players are interested in knowing what case can potentially give them the Butterfly Knife, so they can get their hands on it. So, here’s a guide about this particular skin:

What is a Butterfly Knife on CS:GO?

A Butterfly Knife is a CS:GO skin that can be applied to a knife weapon. It is an extremely rare skin and is highly sought after by players. 

The Butterfly Knife has a unique design that makes it stand out from other knife skins. It has a black and silver color scheme with a butterfly-like pattern on the blade and handle. The skin also has a unique animation [1] when the player uses it to stab an enemy.

butterfly knife

What CS:GO Case Gives Butterfly Knife?

The Butterfly Knife is only available in certain CS:GO cases. The most popular case that gives Butterfly Knife is the Shadow Case. 

This case has a chance to reward players with the coveted skin. Other cases that have the chances to reward players with the Butterfly Knife skin are the Operation Breakout Weapon Case, Spectrum Case, Spectrum 2 Case, or Operation Riptide Case.

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