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Fixed: CS:GO Black Screen on Startup

Are you getting a black screen on startup when you try to launch CS:GO? There’s no need to panic! This is one of the most common errors that avid CS:GO players have experienced, but it can easily be avoided! 

Here, our gamers will cover the most common causes of the black screen on startup and how to fix them. Read this guide to follow all the steps!

How to Fix the CS:GO Black Screen on Startup

Fix #1: Add "autoconfig" in the Launch Option

The quickest way to fix this problem is to use the Steam launcher to add autoconfig to the game’s launch option.


Fix #2: Update the Graphics Card Driver

There is a chance that the problem is caused by an old graphics driver [1], so you should make sure it is up to date. Here’s how to get the latest update if you’re using an NVIDIA GPU.

update Nvidia graphics card

Fix #3: Verify the Integrity of the Game Files

You can compare the files on your computer with the ones on the Steam servers when you check the integrity of your game files. Some files will be changed or fixed if they are different.

verify integrity of game files

These are a few reasons why a black screen appears on CS:GO’s startup. Luckily, there are several methods to fix it. Don’t forget to add the “-autoconfig” option to the launch options and update your graphics driver to make sure the game runs properly.

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