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A Guide to CS:GO Anime Stickers

CS:GO anime stickers refer to the virtual stickers that players can use to decorate their weapons or in-game items in the popular first-person shooter game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). 

These stickers feature various characters and designs inspired by anime and manga, and they can be obtained through in-game purchases or by trading with other players. 

They have become popular among players who are fans of anime and manga, as they allow them to personalize their in-game items with designs that reflect their interests. 

Overall, CS:GO anime stickers are a fun and creative way for players to customize their in-game items and show off their love for anime and manga. Thus, that’s what we’ll round up in this article. 

How Can You Obtain Stickers?

There are several ways to obtain stickers in CS:GO:

anime stickers csgo

Players can purchase stickers directly from the in-game store using real money or in-game currency.

Players can trade stickers with other players using the in-game trading system or third-party websites.

Players can receive sticker capsules as random drops while playing the game. These capsules can be opened to receive a random sticker.

Valve often releases stickers for major esports tournaments. These stickers can be obtained by purchasing a tournament pass or by watching the matches on Twitch.

Players can submit their own sticker designs to the Steam Workshop. If their design is accepted and added to the game, they can receive a portion of the revenue generated from its sales.

Community-designed anime stickers csgo

Sticker Rarities

The following explanation of how the hue of the stickers relates to their rarity:

stickers rarity

As can be seen in the chart that follows, stickers can be broken down into a variety of subcategories.

Most Recommended CS:GO Anime Stickers

Now, let’s have a look at some of the most popular anime stickers for your weapon skins in CS:GO that are now available to buy from various vendors and add to your collection.

Kawaii CT and Kawaii T

Kawaii CT and Kawaii T stickers are two sets of stickers available in CS:GO that feature cute and cartoonish designs of Counter-Terrorist (CT) and Terrorist (T) characters, respectively.

The Kawaii CT stickers feature designs of the CT characters wearing cute and colorful uniforms, often with anime-inspired hairstyles and expressions. Some of the stickers also feature CT characters interacting with animals, such as a cat or a dog.

Kawaii CT and Kawaii T csgo

Similarly, the Kawaii T stickers feature designs of the T characters in cute and playful poses, often with brightly colored clothing and accessories. Some of the stickers also feature T characters interacting with objects, such as a lollipop or a balloon.

T On Cat

The T On Cat sticker is a popular sticker in CS:GO that features a cartoonish design of a terrorist (T) character sitting on a cat. The sticker is part of the “Safari Mesh” collection and is considered a rare sticker.

The design of the T On Cat sticker is whimsical and playful, with the T character wearing a safari hat and a big smile while petting the cat. The sticker is often used by players to decorate their in-game items, such as weapons or equipment, and add a touch of humor and personality to their gameplay [1].

Water Gun

In contrast to the majority of the other manga decals in CS:GO, which are drawn in the cutesy chibi manner, Water Gun more accurately represents the proportions of a real human being. The character shown on this sticker has a more refined aesthetic than the characters that appeared on the stickers that came before it in our list. 

She is wearing headphones with cat ears that are white and a tangerine cap. It would appear that the character’s gigantic water gun was the source of inspiration for the moniker.

Water Gun stickers csgo

The water gun may look like a formidable weapon, but its ammo is concealed behind a water container that has the appearance of being harmless. The incongruity of the water gun makes it one of our best CS: GO stickers, and we highly recommend it.

Kawaii Killer T

Kawaii Killer Terrorist is the name given to the second installment of the Kawaii Killer franchise. The Kawaii Killer Terrorist character wears the standard outfit that is assigned to players who play as terrorists in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

In this way, terrorists can be distinguished from members of a competent military or police department.

She is wearing cargo trousers and a shirt, and she’s got a scarf wrapped around her neck to conceal it. Both of her eyes and her hair are a dark shade of blue. This sticker, much to the original Kawaii Killer, depicts a character wielding a gun while simultaneously making the peace symbol. 

The terrorist sticker depicts a weapon that appears to be an AK-47, while the actual terrorist brandishes what is almost certainly an M4A4 weapon skin. 


The price of a cheongsam is somewhat higher than one dollar, and it has been basically unaltered over the course of the most recent few seasons. The figure on the sticker wears a Cheongsam, which is an iconic piece of clothing in Chinese culture. The fit of a robe in the Cheongsam style is often adjusted to the wearer. 

Cheongsam csgo

This one doesn’t even come close to covering the character’s legs. In one interpretation, the figure possesses golden eyes and blond cow horns that are braided into a bun wrap on top of their heads. 

In accordance with the hanzi character that is written on the heart of the sticker, she is holding her pink AK-47. It is available in two different variations: holo and the traditional shiny sheen.

How You Can Make Your Own CS:GO Anime Stickers:

You can even create your personal cartoon stickers to use in CS:GO if you want to. If you want to produce a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sticker, the Steam community will judge on your artwork. 

Valve will choose the Stickers they believe to be the finest and then publish them straight into Counter-Strike. Put your creative skills to the test, and your decal might end up in the next release.


In conclusion, stickers in CS:GO offer a range of benefits to players. They provide a fun way to personalize weapons and express individuality, while also adding value to a player’s inventory.

Moreover, stickers have also become an important part of the CS:GO trading and community market, allowing players to buy, sell, and trade them with others. Overall, stickers have added another layer of customization and creativity to CS:GO, making the game even more enjoyable for players.

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