Coin Master Free Spins and Coins for Daily Rewards

Coin Master Village
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Spins are necessary to keep the slot machine running on this incredibly fun mobile game. However, running short on spins can be frustrating.  

Luckily there are ways to get Coin Master free spins without having to spend coins. Our resident gamers reveal links and tips on landing even more free spins coins in this guide!

Links for Free Spins and Coins Daily (Updated Every Day)

How Do I Earn Extra Spins and Coins for Coin Master?

Tip #1: Invite Your Friends on Facebook

Invite friends to play and get up to 40 free spins. For an invite to qualify, ask your friend to accept, download the game, and sync it with their Facebook accounts. 

more spins on Coin Master

Having multiple friends is an advantage in reaping numerous free spins and coins. If you just started playing, you better make friends to gain these free spins, as well as free rewards.

Tip #2: Send Gifts

Sending gifts to your Facebook friend or fellow players will cost you coins or cards. But, this will also build relationships with other players. If they’re appreciative, they can also send free spin gifts or cards so you can complete sets easily.

Tip #3: Wait for the Hourly Spins

One of the Coin Master tips that only a few players know about is the free spins every hour. 

You can reap a maximum number of 120 master free spins in a day. Although this may seem few, reaping free spins coins by simply spinning is an impeccable opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Tip #4: Check the Reward Calendar

Checking in daily on the app reaps a free reward, and this freebie adds up daily as long as you complete a log-in streak. The rewards calendar has numerous mixed awards, such as master free spins coins and magical chests, where you can earn a million coins. 

Coin Master Reward Calendar

Tip #5: Collect Card Set/s

Completing card decks is one passive way to get huge amounts of master free spins coins. Collect and complete card sets, and get a big free spins reward. But here’s a tip:

During a Set Blast Card Event, ensure you have a complete deck to generate 30% more spins. A complete set allows you to boost your stars and village levels simultaneously.

Tip #6: Complete Your Village

Every building and village improvement needs a hefty amount of spins. So, when you level up your village, an outstanding amount of spins is needed. But leveling up your village will give you more master free spins coins as well. 

Tip: When completing a village, you should purchase every single entity concerned.  

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Tip #7: Package

Purchasing packages come in daily on Coin Master, and you can reap free spins from them. The first section of the package is free, so we recommend checking in every day to get free spins. But you don’t need to buy the packages because they’re free daily. 

Coin Master spins

Tip #8: Daily Bonus

The daily bonus wheel tips you with a certain amount of coins, depending on what village level you are in already. It’s one of the easiest Coin Master strategies and we highly recommend you take advantage of these daily bonuses regularly. They’re easy to generate, enabling you to reap a million coins as you play. 

Just rotate the spin wheel and see how much you can earn from your spins. You can reap new spins or million coins from the wheel if it’s your lucky day!

Tip #9: Email Gifts

Email gifts may seem like extra work, but signing up can benefit you with a handful of master free spins. Follow the daily links on your device, and enjoy more master free spins. These coin master links are safe, so you won’t have to worry about getting scammed.

Tip #10: Video Ads

Watching a video ad can gift you with a huge number of spins. Scroll on the machine and tap the spin energy button to watch an ad [1]. 

If the spin energy button is not available at the bottom right corner, then chances are you’ve run out of master free spins for the day, but worry not because you’ll have another on the next day.

Tip #11: Join Events

There’s always an event happening at the Coin Master application, and each event brings free spins to your disposal. Visit the slot machine, and look at the window’s top right corner to see the virtual switches. 

Coin Master attack madness

This will show three lines during an event, and you can tap any of them to see an exact picture of each event and what you can gain from it. 

Take advantage of the Viking quest event to rank up, earn master free spins, and even pet potions. Participating in a Viking Quest can give you chances for gold cards. 

Tip #12: Follow Coin Master's Social Media Channels

Follow the Coin Master’s social media pages and dish out free spins on your daily visits. 

When you’re a top fan, you’ll be informed of the daily activities and all the latest links, and this will let you stay on top of the master free spins link and freebies. These daily links come in on social media, so it’s best to watch out for those who get free spins. 

Tips for Playing Coin Master

Avoid Hoarding

While storing a million coins may seem fancy, it’s not advisable, especially given that villages are susceptible to raids, which can take huge portions of your stored coins (especially if you have a million coins.) 

Coin Master betting

Hoarding a million coins will make you prone to raids, and you want to stray away, especially from big raids. 

Remember – big raids can consume your million coins, and you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Raid Players

Don’t just raid any players. Save your free spins for rich players instead. When you have a million coins at your disposal, one risky move is raising your bet amount and enjoying the multiplied bonuses and free spins you can earn. 

However, it’s best to use these spins and million coins when raiding hefty villages. 

Get a Chest From Every New Village

It’s best to purchase chests when entering new villages. Start by collecting the lower-level cards as you progress to avoid trading rare and high-tier cards so you can get a Joker card to complete your collection. 

Coin Master Village

Completing a card offers bonuses and free spins, and you can land more cards with new chests.

Make the Most of Pet Bonuses

Unless you can play for four hours straight, do not activate your pets, as the boosting effect can only last for this window. 

Pets need some instructions or signals when you use them for protection. It’s the same even with the defensive Rhino, which will require your signal to defend against attacks.  


Will the daily Coin Master free spin links expire?

Yes. Daily links expire after three days, so all the updated links are only from two days prior today. You can also convert these master free spins into the “free spins promo code.”

How can I get free 50, 60, 70, or 100 Coin Master free spins?

There are different opportunities to reap a certain number of coins. Coin Master 50 free spins are available during in-game events, while 60 coins appear by following social media channels. 

You can expect 70 coins on special events, 100 on PvP battles, and million coins as you play.  

Can I get free 400 Coin Master spins?

While it may not be common to reap 400 free spins all at once, it’s possible if you play the game regularly and follow Coin Master on its socials to be notified of big events.

Where can I get free 50,000 Coin Master Spins?

50,000 free spins only come on rare occasions like events. The best chance is to keep yourself updated on the upcoming events to hit on massive rewards and coins. 

What do the cards do in Coin Master?

A collection involves nine cards of the same theme. It is one guaranteed way to gain master free spins and coins.

What can the stars do in Coin Master?

Stars depict your ranking in the Coin Master game. To gain stars, collect cards and build your village.

What are the levels in Coin Master?

Currently, there are 452 villages in Coin Master, but the developers are continuously updating the game, and you’ll eventually see new villages coming up.

How many spins on average do I get from free links?

The maximum number of spins you can get daily is “25 free spins,” but on special days, you can earn 30 to 70 master free spins per link. 


New links come in often, and it’s diverse that you’ll only find them on different platforms. But this Coin Master free spin guide is updated daily to account for all the master free spins links available. 

Being updated with the spin links as well as the daily links is useful the next time you run short of spins. 

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