Coin Master Strategies: How To Win on Coin Master? (Ultimate Guide)

Coin Master
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Coin Master is one of the most engaging mobile games today. This social casino challenge has made waves amongst gamers worldwide. But for beginners, maybe you’re wondering what Coin Master is and how you can win the game.

So our gamers have crafted a thorough guide on the Coin Master strategies to help you get started on this addictive game. 

Coin Master, Explained

Coin Master is an in-app game that’s very simple and easy to play since the mechanics only say that your goal is to obtain and spend coins. 

Coin Master

But more than that, there’s a lot more that you may find interesting about Coin Master, and it’s learning the coin master tricks to make the game more exciting.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks: 12 Ultimate Strategies

1. Avoid Storing Gold

Unlike the usual notion, storing gold isn’t your best approach when playing Coin Master. The more gold you store, the more your village becomes vulnerable to looting and attacks. If you have gold, then spend it to progress in the game. 

However, if you’re gunning for big upgrades, ensure that you have acquired safety on your coin stash by making three shield combos around your village. 

If you don’t store gold, your village won’t bait other players from attacking. This way, too, you can progress easily without, and players will avoid your village because there’s not much wealth they can loot from it. 

2. Keep Your Pets Alive

Once you reach the fourth village, Coin Master will allow you to hatch some pets, and each will bring special bonuses, but you have to keep in mind that you can have only one pet active at a time. 

Coin Master pets

Please keep your pets alive by giving them pet food which you can purchase from the shop or earn through events or slot machine spins.


Rhino pets block attacks better than shields, which can be helpful, especially if you have storage for big upgrades. 


Foxy pets help raid because they give you raid rewards and will dig up the fourth hole during raids, giving you an advantage in acquiring perfect raid status.


Tiger pets allow players to snatch improved rewards during attacks and help take the tips that guard usually block during a raid. 

Coin Master tiger pet

Another coin master trick you’d want to know is to utilize events to win foods you can surge up to power up and increase your pets’ skills. 

3. Make Connections on Social Media

Making social media connections is one of the effective coin master strategies that you shouldn’t overlook. The different platforms are a great way to interact with other players when playing Coin Master. 

Apart from the fact the Coin Master is connected to Facebook, integrating your social account can create a bountiful relationship amongst other plates. 

If you have a big list of Facebook friends, you can invite them to play Coin Master as well, so they can send you free coins, which you can reciprocate. 

We also recommend joining Coin Master groups, which can be essential when looking for players you can trade games with. With cards, you can complete decks in a faster manner. 

Coin Master village

Coin Master has also integrated the inviting system to be simple, giving you referral rewards once the invitee installs the Coin Master app with your referral link. Each successful referral rewards you with 25 other free spins.

4. Login Daily for Bonuses

Like many games and applications, logging in daily on Coin Master can reap the rewards and benefits. Apart from the extra spins and coins from your friends, which you can collect, a daily bonus also unlocks in the latter part of the Coin Master game.

Once this feature unlocks, take advantage of it by accessing the hamburger menu in the upper right corner. Easily tap it, find the daily bonus, and spin the wheel for more chances of winning gold coins. 

Note that you don’t have to play coin master daily to reap these rewards. Just log in and collect the huge bonus, such as daily free spins, to let you progress easily with coin master.

5. Get More Coins and Spins Using an App

Spins are elusive, and even with our elaborate coin master tips, they tend to go way too fast. But do you know there are other ways to generate extra spins and cash? 

Coin Master spins

One is to register with your email and take advantage of the bonus extra cash and spins. But another is downloading these apps that entail a lot of freebies. 

SpinLink is one of those apps you’ll want to download if you want more spins because it gives away rewards with just a single tap on the links updated daily. 

6. Join Events

You want to speed up your progress, especially if you opted for the F2F route. Good news: there’s a way to speed things up, and one of the coin master tricks is watching out for the right events in Coin Master. Here are some events you do not want to miss when playing the game. 

Popular Events in Coin Master

Jackpot Event

This event allows players to get a huge number of coins, spins, and rewards that will aid their progress in coin master. 

Ultra Attack Master

To obtain rewards from this event, the wheel should stop at the point of three ultra signs. 

Coin Master ultra attack
Diamond Rush

Obtain free spins and extra coins with the Diamond Rush event. 

Viking Quest

This momentous event await players with plenty of free spins, rare and gold cards, pet food, and more.

Ultra-Raid Madness

This event has the same mechanics as Ultra Attack Master. 

Wild West Showdown

Collect Sherif stars with the Wild West Showdown Event. Play the slot machines, and you get up to 5 stars for a perfect raid, three stars for an attack, and 10 starts once you hit the sheriff star symbols. 

The common denominator with these events is that it allows you to get a huge disposal of coins and spins, which you can utilize to complete decks and more chests. 

Coin Master wild west showdown

With the cash you accumulate from these events, you can easily upgrade your villages, yielding you more spins, and it’s definitely a win-win for the player. 

7. Invest in Card Chests

Coin Master is a free game application, but if you’re dead serious about mastering and completing the game, spending real cash is an option you might want to consider. 

For players working on the F2P model, the shop may not be a common place to venture out, but it’s the go-to place for reaping chests which can be sold for in-game gold. 

Chests are equally vital because they are used to unlock cards, and completing a deck means unlocking powerful rewards and spins. 

Coin Master card chest

One of the best coin master tricks is to invest in card chests, and once you hit level 50, you should be able to hoard the majority of cards found on each village level. Social media can also help you collect chests, as previously mentioned. Avoid getting duplicate cards too. 

8. Attack and Raid

Two of the most vital activities to acquire gold in Coin Master are attacks and raids. To hoard coins, you will have to attack and damage someone else’s village, and this often makes more fun of them game. 

It can be a Facebook friend’s village or just another random village. When attacking protected villages, you’re likely to mine the standard sum of 50,000 coins, but if it doesn’t have a shield, then you’re lucky because you can mine all their coins. 

Raiding, on the other hand, brings rewards that can help players to upgrade and build a few villages. The two-finger technique is another tactic to be successful in a raid operation on Coin Master. 

Coin Master raid madness

Pet foxes are also a great advantage when raiding and attacking players, so ensure that you keep your pets alive. 

9. Reserve Your Spins

Conserving your spins is ideal for getting a maximum advantage in earning coins. Coin Master allows you to generate five spins every hour and has a betting feature where you can multiply your gains by twice or thrice if you spend three spins instead of one. 

The maximum bet is 3 to 8 spins. You can go as far as x50 or more with the occasional super-betting events. 

The virtual slot machine [1] can yield your coins or other valuable items such as spins, more hammers, and shields to protect your village from attacks. Manage to reap three similar symbols to yield the best results. 

more spins on Coin Master

However, other combinations yield different results, and you’ll learn about that once you get that certain spin result. 

When you reserve your spins, there’s a bigger chance that you gather more coins rather than settle with five spins an hour. Check-in with the coin master app on a minimum 5-hour interval to get a maximum of 25 spins, which is more than ideal for generating numerous coins. 

10. Enable Ghost Mode

The best way to maximize earning gold and other rewards is through raiding. But like any other players’ villages, you do not want to get attacked as it deteriorates your progress in the coin master game because you’ll have to rebuild your village, which means needing new coins. 

This coin master trick is to avoid using shields and securing defenses. However, these options can cost all your coins and spins as well.  

Coin Master ghost mode

The key here is to activate the Ghost mode or hide your village so no one else will see all the coins you have or think of attacking it. This is a feature that only pro players are aware of, but here we’ll teach you how. 

How to Activate Ghost Mode

  1. Close the application on your mobile phone and open your Facebook app.
  2. Head to the settings and open the connected apps. 
  3. Remove the coin master app from your connected apps and re-open your coin master app again.
  4. Utilize the guest mode when logging in, and there you have it, successfully activating ghost mode.

11. Trade Cards

The Coin Master revolves around reaping and buying coins, playing virtually with your friends, and gaining new friends because you can play by joining any team. 

Coin Master card collection

When joining teams, you can start trading cards with other players but ensure you have a card to trade. On the other hand, gold cards can only be traded during gold card events. 

How To Trade Cards

Hit on the card icon placed at the lower left-hand corner of your monitor to get a view of your card collections. Choose the corresponding set you want to trade or send. 

Confirm with the person you’re trading with who doesn’t get the same cards. Then, tap send and choose the person you want to give the card to. 

12. Two-Finger Trick

Raids are essential and fun, but how do you know if you’re conducting the perfect raid? Tap the remaining holes simultaneously with different fingers and hold that position for a second. 

Coin Master attack madness

This coin master trick can allow you to reap all the possible rewards since you can dig up both holes simultaneously. The trick is to ensure that your life both fingers. 

About Slots Machine

The highlight of the Coin Master game is the Slots Machine, and this is where you spend most of your time with. Open the in-game menu and select the slots machine by swiping down from the village view. 

In the slots machine, you can see the current number of available spins to utilize, which goes down with every spin you make. 

It has four reels with different symbols for each, mainly coins, a hammer, a pig bandit, a shield, and a spin capsule, and depending on the symbols you get, that is the necessary action you have to take. 

Bag of Coin

A bag of coins nets you small rewards, and unlike the other combinations, you don’t have to get the same figures to earn the coin. However, it would be a big hit if you get a full row of the bag of coins. 

Coin Master spinning three bag of coins

Pig Bandit (Raid)

Familiarize yourself with the Pig Bandit, which looks like a Grinding pig with bandit masks, because these items allow you to conduct a raid. Thus unlike with attacks, you can’t choose who to raid. 

Instead, you’ll be redirected to your coin master’s village and given three shovels to dig holes with. Marked by large X’s are the locations in the village which you’re allowed to dig. 

Once you start digging, you may find holes with significant coins, which are someone else’s property, but you won’t know whom. 

The Hammer (Attack)

In the game, it looks like a thor hammer, and getting an entire row of the hammer means you can attack another player’s base. You can upset your Facebook friends by attacking their village, but you can also do this with a random player.

Coin Master hammer attack

Shield (Defend)

The array of shields displayed when you spin the slot machine means you can have all three shields- protection from three attacks. This means your new village will be secured well in case of attacks, but not with raids. 

Coin Master Rules

There are simple player-fabricated coin master rules you must follow when playing the game. Do this if you know the friends you’re playing with or if you follow the same proposition when playing.

Don’t attack your friends. Choose randomly when selecting an attack to avoid upsetting your friends, who will retaliate with attacks on your village. 

When you’re given a raid, inform your friends on Facebook. Hear if you can dig until they spend all their coins. This is a win-win because the person raided gets to spend their coins, and you can still dig up the original amount of coins in the hole. 

Coin Master Betting

Betting is a way of increasing your chances of winning big and multiplying the rewards you earn, but with this, too, you’ll spend multiple spins. Bets let you earn rewards from your slot machine spin, but from the word itself, it’s a gamble. 

Coin Master betting


Hitting on the revenge button lets you rebut an attack that has been made on you. This is your way of letting your attackers get a taste of their medicine. To do so, head on to your slot machine and spin. 

Building a Village

Each level will entail you creating five buildings each. To complete this, you must upgrade all the buildings you have created to a 5-star rating. Building a village costs coins, and upgrades are even more expensive, so be prepared for this. 

How To Be A VIP Player?

Once you start playing the game, you’ll get addicted and want to go pro too. To do this, you can become a VIP player, but you have to be invited by the Coin Master itself. While there is no standard way to get invited, the talk is that you have to spend real money for this. 

Spending real money speeds up your advancement on the game, but if you’re not a swiping fan, you can go through the normal advancement process. 

What is Coin Master Cards?

One of the coin master strategies is to collect cards. You’ll need to open chests which can be bought using your coin master coins. 

Coin Master card collection

Each card collection has nine cards, and when you complete this deck, you’ll get bonuses, which may be massive rewards such as numerous coins or even pets that you can utilize in different ways. 

Higher village levels allow you to get special rare cards, offering more rewards and bonuses. Another exciting mechanic is the card trading system, where you can send up to 5 to your friends daily. 

What are Coin Master Chests?

Chests are purchased through coins; the more expensive the chest is, the higher the odds of quality or rare cards. If you want particular 1-,2-, 3- star, or gold cards, it’s best to spend coins wisely on lower-level chests because they have higher odds of dropping low-level cards. 

When you receive other bonuses, such as Pet snacks and Pet XP, or bonus spins, they are instead added to your inventory, which means it doesn’t affect the probability of card drop. 

Bonus Tips

Make a New Account

Create a new Coin Master account, also called a baby account. Make this account friends with your main account so you can trade with it, and use the big raids on each other, benefiting you in a win-win situation. 

Coin master roulette

Play Using Multiple Accounts

Some players opt for multiple accounts. But the fine print here is that you can only connect different Facebook accounts, or second accounts will only be labeled baby accounts.

Beware of Adding Friends

Every added friend reaps you 100 more free spins, but the fallback with this strategy is that the more friends you add, the higher chances for them to raid your village, especially when they are starting.


We’ve crafted this guide to help you with the essential coin master strategies so you don’t get lost in the game. These tips and tricks will be your go-to guide in finding in-depth knowledge about the game to play wisely while enjoying fun and adventure. 

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