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High GPU Usage by Client Server Runtime Process — How to Fix + Tips

The Client Server Runtime Process (CSRSS) is part of the Windows operating systems. It is responsible for handling user-mode requests such as console input and output, providing user interface services, and providing an API for user-mode applications to access kernel-mode services. 

However, if CSRSS consumes too much of your GPU resources, this can lead to instability and performance issues in your system. To fix this problem, we will discuss some of the common solutions for Client Server Runtime Process High GPU usage.

Client Server Runtime Process High GPU Issue: 5 Surefire Fixes

Fix #1: Install Pending Windows Update

window update

Fix #2: Turn Off the Features That Speed Up the Hardware

Fix #3: Don't Use Windows Transparency Effects

Fix #4: Turn Off HDR effects

turn off hdr effects on pc

Fix #5: Reinstall Windows

Reinstalling Windows can be a great way to fix Client Server Runtime Process High GPU usage issue. It can be done by either using a bootable USB drive [1] or a CD or DVD disc. 

To reinstall Windows, you will need to boot your computer from the USB drive or CD or DVD. During the installation process, you will be asked to choose between keeping your files or deleting them. 

After installation is complete, your computer will be in its factory settings and any issues related to Client Server Runtime Process will be fixed. Reinstalling Windows can be a tedious process, but it is the best way to fix any system issues.


The High GPU usage by the Client Server Runtime Process can be a problem for your system, but it’s not an impossible one to fix. With the help of the solutions above, you can quickly and effectively fix the issue, allowing your system to run smoothly and efficiently again!

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