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How to Fix Call of Duty: Warzone Server Queue, Not Counting Down

Glitches are a common thing with Call of Duty games, including Warzone and Black Ops Cold War. The common cause of this is when the servers are under an extreme load. 

A common error most Call of Duty players encounter is the Warzone server queue that’s not counting down. Read on to learn how to fix it.

Why am I Stuck in a Server Queue in Warzone?

You may get stuck in a server queue error when there are more players than anticipated on the server. The reason is that Warzone servers are experiencing high volume of players. They place players in the wait list and you will be entered into the game shortly. 

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Server Queue

Understanding the Server Queue System

They design the server system to accommodate the enormous number of players willing to play the Call of Duty game. Without this system, players will experience lag and ping, making the game difficult to play.

How to Fix the Server Queue Bug in Call of Duty: Warzone

1. Close and Restart the Game

The first step to resolving this Warzone server queue bug is to close and restart your game.

2. Reset the Router and PC/Console

Then, do a hard reset for your internet router, personal computer, or console (Xbox, PS4, etc.).

rebooting the router

3. Check the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Since the Call of Duty War Zone is an online game, you may get stuck if your internet speed is not high enough. Check your internet speed online through The ideal speed is 25MBPs [1].

4. Try Using a Wired Connection

WI-Fi is convenient but not 100% efficient for online gaming. If you have wireless network issues, your ping will be affected. 

wifi router and cable

5. Try Another DNS Address

 Most users use the default DNS that they assign to their ISP. This gets clogged at prime time and can cause you to experience connectivity issues. 

6. Use Cellular Data

Your internet router could be the issue causing the issue. You can switch to cellular data by using your phone’s hotspot. You can connect USB tethering or WI-Fi.

7. Close Background Apps

Next, close all background apps. If the background apps you are running are too much, they will get in the way of your RAM.

8. Disable Your Firewall

Antivirus programs or your Firewall settings can get in the way of playing the Call of Duty game. Disable your antivirus or Firewall to fix this.

Windows Defender Firewall

9. Restart a Couple of Times

If you reset your personal computer or internet router, it does not fix this issue. You can restart it a couple of times.

10. Check the Status from Activision Online Services

If the above fixes didn’t work, you may need to check the server status from the Activision online services to know if the server is undergoing maintenance. If this isn’t the case, contact their team for support through the site.


Getting the “server queue” stuck error can be frustrating, especially when you are fired up to play your favorite COD War Zone or Black Ops Cold War game. The Warzone server queue bug that’s not counting down and error message on Warzone should not keep you waiting for your next adventure. These fixes in order should help you easily fix these types of bugs.

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