BDO Training Strength Black Desert

BDO Training Strength — A Compete Guide

If you’re looking to get stronger in Black Desert Online, then you’ll need to do some strength training. Here’s a guide on how to do strength training in the game, so you can start getting those muscles pumping.

How to Increase Strength, Breath, and Health on Black Desert Online

On your character page, you have three steps: Breath, Strength, and Health. These steps affect your stamina, your HP, and your weight limit.

BDO Training Strength

Increase Breath

The easiest of the three to train is breath. Breath can be trained by just running around and walking. 

You don’t have to worry about manually training it because all you have to do is run around, which you’ll be doing anyway while grinding, and you’ll get a lot of Breath.


It’s also pretty easy to level up your health. To gain Health experience, all you have to do is eat food, which will give you a boost to HP. 

Now, the trick to Health is you want to eat yellow food. All yellow food has the exact same amount of Health experience gained. Serendia is great if you are doing something action-related, raising AP, Accuracy, and Critical Rate [1], whereas the Balenos Meal is good for anything like moving, speed, fishing, and gathering.

Both of them are pretty cheap, costing about 30,000 silver, so you can buy 10 or 20 of each and eat them when the cooldown ends to train your Health experience.

BDO Training Strength

Increase Strength

Now, training your Strength is the only one that is a little bit different. So, all you have to do is go to the trader and buy something. As you can see, this will make you carry a heavy load. 

But, by simply walking with this pack, you will be given a Strength experience. Now, go to the map and set a location. Press autoloop and your character will walk back and forth between the loop. Then, you can leave your computer like this for a few hours. 

It usually takes between 40 and 50 hours in order to fully train it. Now, there’s one thing you should know about doing this: don’t do it outside of town. 

When you leave a safe zone, bandits will attack you and kill you if you have a trade pack, which is the only reason they show up. So, try to do this inside the town so you don’t get killed.

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