Black Desert

Which Server Should I Choose on Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online is an open-world MMORPG set in the lush, vibrant world of the Calpheon region. Players can choose from a variety of classes, each with its own unique set of skills, and customize their characters with a wide range of cosmetic options.

However, newbie and experienced players are often confronted with the dilemma of choosing the right server for them to join in. To give you all the best options, our gamers will show how you can choose a Black Desert Online server in this guide!

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Server

When choosing a server to play on, it’s important to consider the following factors:

  1. Population size
  2. Server stability
  3. The overall community.

If you’re looking to join a thriving, friendly community, then you should look for a server that has a large and active population. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, then a smaller server may be more suitable. 

It’s also important to consider server stability, as lag and disconnections can hamper your experience. Finally, you should look for a server that is actively moderated and has a friendly, helpful player base.

season server

Modifiers on a Server

The following modifiers may be present on a server in any combination:

Novice: This is a game mode specifically designed to introduce and teach new players in MMORPGs.

Season: A period of time marked by specific events or activities that happen within a particular game usually connected with stories, character arcs, achievements, end-level content etc. 

PvP (Player vs Player): A type of combat which takes place between players instead of against NPCs [1] or monsters in an MMORPG setting.  Players compete for rewards such as points and performance changes to their characters’ stats often based on their rankings during the match. 

Growth: A type of quest or task in MMORPGs which encourages players to explore and complete activities or challenges within game systems as a way of developing their character. 


This typically involves gaining experience points, gems, crafting materials, items and/or money depending on the particular growth path chosen by the player.

Elvia: Elvia is an NPC in many fantasy-style MMORPGs who acts as a guide for new players who have just started off playing the game. 

She can provide detailed tutorials about everything from basic combat mechanics to more advanced quests and events taking place within her world so newbies can get up-to-speed quickly with what’s going on inside their chosen digital universe! 

Conquest War: The ultimate form of content PvP an MMO has to offer: Conquest War pits two opposing factions against each other.

This occurs in massive scale battles that take place over multiple days during peak hours and when everyone is online together at once fighting for control over certain resources found across different areas, and possibly even entire zones themselves!

black desert

The majority of servers will only have one modifier, while a small percentage will have two modifiers. We have never observed a server with three or more modifiers active at once. 

An overview of each modifier and the benefits of playing on that server may be found below, however, the best servers will combine two modifiers.

What is the Best Class in Black Desert?

The best class in Black Desert is subjective and depends on personal preference. Some people might enjoy the fast-paced melee combat of a Warrior, Archer, or Ninja.

On the other hand, others might prefer the ranged magic attacks of a Sorceress or Witch. Others may favor the support abilities of an Priest or Striker. Ultimately it’s up to you as to which one suits your style best.

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