BDO Failstack Black Desert

BDO Failstack Guide

If you’re interested in building failstacks on Minecraft, this guide is dedicated for you. Here, our gamers will discuss how to use it, as well as a couple of tips and tricks!

How to Build Failstacks?

If you need to construct fail stacks, just follow these instructions and get fail stacks in your pocket.

BDO Failstack

Failstack Saving Tips

How Many Failstacks to Use to Keep Balance

It must be an underbalanced range, neither more nor less. There are several “Softcaps” that, if exceeded, will lessen your chances of being enhanced in the next failstack. 

For instance, if you set the “Softcap” for weapons and armor to 60% chances of Enhancement, going over that 60% will cost you a lot of money. While playing, you should all keep the Softcaps in mind. This helps them to keep an optimal range. 

BDO Failstack Guide

They can maintain an ideal range thanks to this. Players’ fail stacks are constantly rising and falling because of this. While playing, you must maintain a proportionate balance. 

You must maintain the element on the low level of enhancement while using a high fail stack. If not, it will waste the silver [1] you paid to acquire such a large number of fail stacks. 

There are some levels of the game which have no Softcaps, like +15, PEN, and TEN, and it is quite difficult to play without them. Create fail stacks and win the game.

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