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Best Black Desert Servers, Listed

Black Desert Online is an expansive MMORPG that offers a unique and immersive experience for players. With expansive open world, exciting combat system, and varied character classes, it’s no surprise why it’s well-loved all over the world. 

But with the game’s many different servers available, it can be hard to decide which one is the best for you. To help you choose, our BDOgamers will introduce and give some insight into each server option!

What are the Best Black Desert Servers?

Below is a description of each server modifier and some key advantages to consider. Not that the ideal servers will have a mix of two modifiers.

Novice Server

Novice servers are dedicated to a new player experience and may only be accessed if your overall character level is less than 150. 

These can be a nice way to get your feet wet without being overwhelmed by the numerous interlocking mechanisms that endgame players use to gain an advantage. Novice servers frequently provide XP bonuses for low-level characters.

Novice Server black desert

Season Server

Season servers are dedicated to events with event-specific modifications. These servers typically offer special bonuses for a limited time, so it can be advantageous to utilize them while you can.

PvP Server

PvP servers have radically altered how open-world PvP functions, and are ideal for gamers who wish to prove their mettle as gankers.

Growth Server

The XP bonuses on growth servers are especially beneficial for mid-level characters. They are designed for players that don’t necessarily belong on the Novice server but aren’t quite ready for Elvia or PvP servers.

Elvia Server

Elvia servers offer some of the highest reward boosts of all servers but also present far more difficult challenges. They are designed for skilled players.

Elvia Server black desert

Conquest War Server

Rotatingly, Conquest War servers are activated for large-scale PvP combat. These servers [1] have virtually no additional modifiers.

Server With No Modifier

Typically, Servers With No Modifiers have a low population, which can be advantageous if you want a less populated location for testing, creating content, or reducing system pressure.


The best server for Black Desert Online will depend on your individual preferences and needs. The Novice, Season, PvP, Growth, and Elvia servers are dedicated to players of different levels and experiences. 

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