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Which are the Best Servers in Lost Ark to Play On?

One of the most critical decisions players have to make when playing Lost Ark is which server to choose. Whether it’s your first experience or your latest step in another world, you’ll need to opt for the best server.

So, our resident gamers provide this guide to help you navigate the best Lost Ark servers. Let’s get started!

Lost Ark's Best Servers Today

Europe Central

Lost Ark Europe Central server status

Top Servers

This Central Europe game server contain English-speaking Lost Ark players and also has medium to high population servers: Zinnervale

Europe West Servers

Lost Ark Europe West server status

Top 3 Servers

If you’re looking for the most populated servers, these are our top 3 best servers within this region:

  1. Punika
  2. Moonkeep
  3. Shadespire

South America

Lost Ark South America server status

Top 3 Servers

If you like medium to high pop servers within this region, here are our top 3 best servers:

  1. Vern
  2. Kazeros
  3. Agaton

North America West Servers

Top 3 Servers

Lost Ark Nort America West server status

In the Northwest America region, the following are high pop servers, which we use most frequently: 

  1. Valtan
  2. Shandi
  3. Mari

North America East

Lost Ark North America East server status

Top 3 Servers

These top 3 servers are medium to high pop servers:

  1. Azena (with a PvP community)
  2. Una
  3. Avesta 

List of all Lost Ark Servers With Communities

As the game has been launched in several regions, it is slowly gaining popularity. And the good news is that most servers have English-speaking communities as the global language.

Lost ark official site social feed

But, aside from English, there are different languages on the servers. So, here’s the Lost Ark servers list with their respective communities.  

Europe Central

Lost Ark guardian raid

North America West

Lost Ark in game

North America East

Lost Ark characters

Most Popular Lost Ark Servers

#1: Una

As a medium-population server, Una features a balance between community fun and queue times. It also has a variety of PvE and PvX communities with many benefits over a higher population server. 

#2: Azena

It is the busiest server in North America East. Azena is a Lost Ark cross-server, open-world, and massive multiplayer online battle arena in the region. 

The server features a variety of communities and guilds that are dedicated to this type of gaming.

#3: Regulus

It has a lively community and is the second most populated server. Choosing Regulus can’t be wrong, but you’ll likely experience long queue times due to concurrent players. But, you can find many types of guilds suitable for different playing styles. 

Lost Ark Death Blade Regulus server

#4: Galatur

The main attractions of Galatur are the small communities that are made up of Iron Tyrants and Coolkidsclub, which are both very supportive and have a lot of guild leaders. 

There are also a few Spanish-speaking users on this server.

#5: Mari

You’ll likely get better ping, but you might experience huge queues on this server, which may cause problems when creating a character on Lost Ark. What’s good about Mari is that aside from better ping, there are so many communities and guilds that it will never be hard to find people to connect with. 

#6: Bergstrom

Bergstrom is a low population server so expect short queue times. However, this server has fewer guilds and communities compared to other servers.

Lost Ark world map

#7: Valtan

With this server, you can experience long queues similar to the European region. The reason is that Valtan is an unofficial server for Oceania, with no dedicated servers. 

As a result, most players are heading towards Valtan to play games.  

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Lost Ark Server


When choosing the right server, you must consider ping or the network latency. You’ll get the lowest ping when joining a server close to your location. 

For example, if you’re in the Western part of North America, you shouldn’t join a Central European server.

Server Population

You need to check if the server is crowded or not. If it is populated, you can have the opportunity to trade with other players and fight with bosses. However, the disadvantage of playing on crowded servers is that the servers may become overloaded, resulting in the Lost Ark “Cannot Connect to the Server. Exiting the Game.” error

Lost Ark Server

But, if you prefer to play peacefully, choose the less crowded servers. 


For most game players, language doesn’t matter when it comes to playing the game. However, for some, it’s essential to choose a dialect they can communicate with. 

For them, the best Lost Ark servers will be Spanish or French. But, if you prefer to play in English, many different servers are available.

Exploration and Crafting

Some players enjoy exploring the world and creating a new guild and content. They might also want to improve their skills or challenge themselves. To ensure your game activities are uninterrupted, we suggest choosing the best server with less population.

Lost Ark Arkesia gameplay


Some servers have dedicated PVE [1]. These options can affect players’ opinions about the Best Lost Ark Server.


Does it matter what server you pick in Lost Ark?

Yes, the server you pick in Lost Ark matters. But it still depends on what you want to do. It is a regional-based game and most content is accessible through a group finder and an auction house.

Are all servers the same in Lost Ark?

No, all servers are not the same in Lost Ark, which is why you must check if you are in the correct Lost Ark server because you may have entered the wrong server before playing the game. Language, region, guild, and communities vary by server. Also, there are busy servers while some are not. 


That’s it! Here’s the guide to the best servers. With important factors like ping, language, population, and so on, it’s now up to you which server you’ll choose to develop your character. Aside from that, as a player, you must be aware of the Lost Ark server status and maintenance schedules in order to keep up with the game’s developments.

But remember, once you pick a server, it will permanently be your character’s home. So, choose wisely!

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