Which is the Best Rust Trading Site? (2022)

Trading Rust skins is an integral part of the game community that allows users to expand their inventory and exchange virtual items for real money. Many factors make skin trading enticing, but not all websites have equal buying and selling perks. If you want your first trade to be successful, here are some tips and tricks our game experts listed for you.

Rust Skins Trading

How to Trade Skins?

If you want to trade Rust skins, it’s crucial to note that you have to make your item inventory public. Most Rust trading sites require users to provide their Steam trade URL to buy/sell skins on the platform. In other words, you need a Steam account before anything else. 

Once your Steam profile is linked, select the “Trade Offers” option on the right side of the screen. From there, set who can send you offers and copy the URL. After that process, you can start trading Rust skins. 

The Rust trading websites our team highly recommends are BitSkins, iTrade, and CS.trade. When you paste your URL on these third-party platforms, you’ll have to accept the trade offer from the said site to allow them to view your Rust skins inventory. 

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There’s a Rust trading bot in some of these sites that help users make skin trades as well. With the trading bot, users can swiftly trade for the item they want. 

Cards Trading

Rust skin trading goes beyond selling and buying in-game items. Most trading sites would allow card trades among players. While other players may argue that it doesn’t have a definite value like Rust skins, cards can create game badges. And with this badge, you can get a tradeable skin. 

How Much Do You Need to Trade?

Determining how many trades one should trade, buy, or sell will vary depending on what your needs are. If you’re keen on making real money out of skin trading, the best you can do is collect rare items as much as you can or wait until users decide to sell them at a lower price. 

From there, our resident gamers recommend depositing items in Rust gambling sites to maximize your profit. If you’re not a fan of pushing your luck, you can sell them at a higher price.

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On the other hand, if your sole purpose is trading skins for another Rust skin, then you should match the value of the item you’re looking for. 

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How to Choose a Reputable Rust Trading Site

Experience and Community

The best Rust trading sites should be a platform with a positive community where users can trade items fairly. If you notice, most sites would indicate how many users use their trade bot because it indicates the amount of skin trading opportunities on the platform. 

If you want our expert advice, we’d suggest the best sites with thousands or millions of monthly page views like TradeIt.gg or SWAP.gg. 

Commission Rates

Generally, Rust trading sites require a 5 % to 15% commission rate for every Rust skin trade you make. If you want to reduce the commission on skins, we recommend adding the site URL on your Steam name, as some sites give discounts for doing this. 

Item Prices

Rust trading prices depend on how much the sellers want it to be. The skin prices can cost a few cents or skyrocket to a hundred dollars because the sites let players transact with one another freely. 

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The Rust skin trading is highly volatile, so expect the price of the skins to fluctuate massively. If you’re a seller, ensure that your pricing aligns with the item’s actual market value. For buyers, remember that you can place a purchase order with an expected price range and be informed once it’s available.

We also advise you to take full advantage of bonus code offers from third-party sites as they often give these out for first-time traders. 

Payment Methods

Having easy and reliable payment methods for skins is crucial for a trading website that transacts with actual money. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that most of these websites including BitSkin trading site have typical ways to add funds like Paypal, Bitcoin, or Credit Cards. 


Let’s face it. Online payments have become more secure over the years [1]. And since Rust trades often involve actual monetary transactions for skins, it would help if the site had an SSL security certificate. For more secure trading, our team recommends using Rust skin trade bots as well. 


Now that you’re well-informed about the best Rust trading sites, it’s time to jumpstart your trade career with confidence. Although profiting from selling rust skins is a challenging journey, our resident traders assure you that you can find success in it with enough patience, research, and, most of all— a good strategy.

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