Which is the Best CSGO Trade Bot Site? — Our Most Trusted Platforms For 2022

Trading is a great way to build a collection of nice skins on Counter Strike : Global Offensive. But while there are many trading sites out there, there’s a chance you might sign up for  a scam site especially if you’re a beginner trader. To help you out, our team of trading experts have rounded up the top CSGO trade bots sites on the internet.

List of the Top CSGO Trade Bot Sites

1. CS Money


When it comes to legitimacy, CS Money is the most reliable CSGO trade bot site out there. Established in 2016, users have completed over 74 million trades on this site. 

The reputation of this platform has remained solid over the years. They also boast one of the largest selections of CSGO skins, plus extra security to prevent any scams. As for commissions, they charge 7%

With good security, massive selections, and social proof, this is definitely one of the best CSGO trading sites you can use.

2. CS.Deals


This trade bot site is also a great platform for skin trading. Created by Jambo, a pro Steam trader and owner of KeyVendor.net, CS.Deals has unique features that aren’t offered by other sites.

There’s a float calculator which lets you see the float of the skin before you trade. CS.Deals also allows direct selling, so you can sell skins for bitcoins. For trading, CS.Deals takes 4-8% depending on the item.

Another unique feature that makes this one of the best sites is their chatbot. While Jambo is usually online in the Steam group, the bot serves as additional support.

3. TradeIt.gg


TradeIt.gg is also one of the best CSGO trade bot sites in the market, although they also allow trading for other games. This platform was established in 2017 and they have since completed over 19 million successful trades. They have one of the higher commissions, though, which is at 8%. However, you can lower that to 5% if you add “tradeit.gg” to your Steam profile name.

Like CS Money, TradeIt.gg also has a Steam community group and you can also see their updates on Twitter.

4. LootBear


While most of the different sites listed above are only for trading skins, LootBear allows you to rent skins or provide skins that other people can rent. That way, players can use rare skins at a lower cost and owners can earn cash while still possessing the item. 

If you want more info, LootBear is on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

What are CS:GO Trade Bot Sites

CSGO trading bot sites are websites that allow you to trade CSGO skins for a commission. These platforms are a good way for players to trade lower-tier skins for higher-tier skins. Similarly, some players can trade one high-tier item for a number of other skins on the lower tier.

CSGO skin trading sites, like our recommended sites above, get a commission of around 4-10% per trade. Many players want to trade instead of case opening since the latter offers slim chances of getting rare CS:GO skins.

How Does it Work?

You have to sign up for the CSGO trading site first and link your Steam Trade URL. Then, choose the skin you want to trade with the bot, and the bot would pick the CS:GO skins from their inventory. Confirm the trade and you’re done.

How to Gain Profits From These Sites

You can profit from trading bot sites by finding undervalued items on one site and selling them at a higher price on another. You can also sell items manually to another person for real money by using other platforms, like the Steam marketplace.

trade process in cs.money

A Guide in Choosing a CS:Go Bot Trading Site


Only exchange items on websites that have commissions. Around 5-10% commission is normal. If you see a service offering zero percent commission, that’s probably a scam.


The best CSGO trading websites run on an SSL-encrypted connection. Check if there’s a padlock icon on the left-hand side of the URL to ensure you’re on a secured site.


It’s important that users should be able to easily navigate the site. For beginners, the best CSGO trade bot site should allow users to browse and complete a trade without needing to watch a video tutorial for clearer info.

Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews is a great way to determine legitimacy. That’s why having an active social media presence is a good indicator, because users can view reviews easily on these platforms.


Finding a legit CS:GO trading site is tricky, and there are many websites out there that can promise you the best price but end up being a total scam. But with our guide, you’re already armed with a list of legit platforms as well as some tips. Happy trading!

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