Which is the Best CS:GO Roulette Site? (2022) — Most Reliable and Secure Options

Considering the numerous CS:GO roulette sites out there, it may be a tough call to choose one of the excellent options. The best CSGO gambling site should be reliable and secure, with a generous free bonus and excellent customer support. Don’t risk your money on shady platforms and make sure you are using the best and reliable sites.

CS:GO and Roulettes

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game which is also often shortened to CS. Players can acquire virtual cosmetic elements, called skins, which are very valuable. Players can also sell their skins for real money and also acquire new skins on case opening sites like the CS:GO Live Codes. The most popular and prominent bet in the CS:GO gambling industry is CS:GO roulette.

What are CS:GO Roulette Sites?

CSGO roulette sites are betting platforms where players earn CS:GO skins, which are traded for virtual coins. These virtual coins replace real money, and players can use them to place bets on CS:GO roulette. On CS:GO gambling sites, players bet on three betting options based on color – black, red, and green. Green gives the highest payout and is every player’s desire. 

For instance, if your color bet on Green is successful, your stake will multiply by 14 (by 15 on some platforms) while a win on color Red or Black will only double the wager. However, Green offers the lowest probability. 

CS GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive)

After understanding what CS:GO roulette websites are, it’s necessary to mention some of the best bet platforms to play roulette that our team recommends. Our team consists of experienced gamblers and CSGO skin traders who have used these platforms successfully. These best CSGO roulette sites are not only reliable and offer login through secure profiles but also have bonuses that will improve your betting experience.

Why Play CS:GO Roulette?

CS:GO roulette enables players to get valuable skins for their equipment, including VGO skins and regular CSGO skins. These will not only transform the appearance and look of players’ weapons but players can also sell them for real money. 

You need to play on specialized CSCO roulette sites to enjoy the full functionality. Some websites offer CS:CO games that just offer the basic functionalities and not much else. However, on specialized bet websites, you will enjoy the traditional roulette game as well as other casino classic roulette game variations, including the jackpot.

How to Get Free Coins

You can’t get free coins directly from CS:GO roulette. However, you can only get free coins from any of the best CS:GO roulette sites. These platforms give free coins as a free bonus to users after registration to help them start off. 

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Aside from getting free coins by visiting and registering on any of the top CS:GO roulette platforms, you can also get skin giveaways and/or free coins by entering a promo code that you may find on one of the site’s social media pages. Some partners may also give away a free code.

How to Choose a Legit Site

Every legit CS:GO roulette site must meet certain requirements and here are some of them:

Deposit Bonuses

Only the best CS:GO gambling sites offer a free deposit bonus to users, as well as other bonuses. The free bonus you get can range from a couple of free spins to getting 2x the amount of the initial deposit on the first bet. Sometimes you get these by entering a promo code.

Range of Wheel Options

Top CSGO platforms offer a great selection of options for users to look out for. These selections include 50x, 14x, 5x, 3x, and 2x, giving players the option of whether to be a high roller or not, or to just play safe and avoid big losses if they lose.

Games Available

Top CSGO platforms should offer a large collection of bets. While roulette is one of the most popular and prominent games in the CS:GO bet industry, sites should offer other games, such as CSGO coin flip, blackjack, crash, jackpot game, roulette wheel, and so on.


All the top, well-established, and reliable CSGO roulette platforms should have a large number of users in their community and chat room. An active community/chat room is an indication that users are happy with the platform and want to spend their time on the site. 

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A promo code enables new users to test out CSGO roulettes sites before making a deposit in CSGO skin gambling sites. Only the best and reliable CSGO roulette platforms would give players a code. Using a code is also a way of earning free coins, free spins, and/or making free profits on the betting platforms.

Payment Options

Every secure CS:GO roulette site should have several payment options, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and so on. Some allow players to make deposits via CSGO skins.

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Game Strategies

CS:GO betting is not a win-win betting system, it involves risks. However, some of these proven strategies can improve your chances of winning on any CS:GO gambling site and you can try them instead of always using the traditional method. Though they won’t always guarantee you win, they can reduce the amount you lose in most cases. The popular strategies that our experts recommend are:

Types of Roulette

There are many roulette games that you can play on CSGO gambling sites. These are:


CS:GO roulette game is an exciting and rewarding gambling game that players can enjoy and earn money from. However, it’s very important to find reliable and secure CSGO bet platforms, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. 

With our list of the best CSGO roulette sites above, enjoy a great gambling experience with secure payment and withdrawals as well as free bonus and promo codes.

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