Which is the Best CS:GO Case Opening Site? — Our Most Trusted Picks for 2022

Because the skin market is an integral part of the CSGO culture, case opening sites continue to thrive. There are still many deceptive sites though, making it tricky to find a secure platform. So, our gaming experts have compiled the safest and top-performing CS GO case opening sites to help you keep your money and personal information safe.

List of the Top CS:GO Case Opening Sites


DatDrop is a verified site that offers a huge selection of cases, Battle Opening games, and a fair system.


This popular site offers a wide variety of cases and items, case battles, fast withdrawal, and lots of genuine reviews.


Established in 2016, FarmSkins became popular due to their live chat, fast withdrawals, and millions of skin market players.

How Do CS:GO Case Opening Sites Work?

CSGO case opening sites allow players to buy cases to obtain skins. The value of the skins may or may not be higher than the price of the case, so in a way, it’s a gambling site. These third party websites became extremely popular because players have a better chance of getting CSGO case that contains higher-value items than its price.

datdrop battle and case opening

To start, you simply register via your Steam account and make a deposit. Make sure to check the payment options you have first. Some third party sites accept G2APay, SkinPay, Bitcoin, Visa, or Mastercard. 

Once you’ve deposited money in your account, you’re ready to purchase and own cases you like. Pick and open a case, and the items will appear in your inventory. 

Valve Case Openings

Following a similar methodology to Team Fortress 2 and DOTA, Valve added a skin system to Counter Strike: Global Offensive in 2013. Adding skins via open cases or in-game rewards became popular like Valve’s previous titles. Users need to buy Case Keys, making it a very profitable business model.

farmskins csgo cases

After three years, new CSGO skin sites appeared on the market. Because the sites offered the same experience of Valve case opening at a reduced cost, players can obtain cosmetic items more efficiently.

Advantages of CS:GO Opening Sites

In gambling sites, case opening offers better odds to win rare skins from premium cases. At the same time, it has become a very popular virtual currency [1] where people can profit.

As such, the main advantage of opening cases is you might get rare items that are valued more than what you paid for. You can trade these items in the market as well, letting you get the best value for your money.

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Factors to Consider

Site History

Gambling sites for opening cases appeared in 2016. If the site was established around that time, it’s a good indication that it ensures basic functionalities you need. 

hellcase battle and case opening

But don’t rely on that alone. Do a bit of research about the site you’re going to use. How many users do they have? How many cases have been opened on their site? Have there been any reports that people have been scammed through that site? These are some of the important questions you must ask.


The best CS:GO case opening sites protect their users against scams and frauds. With the increasing popularity of CS GO cases, some people might take advantage of the players opening cases everyday. According to our team, some sites still have inherently dishonest practices that steal information without user consent.

As such, having security features is absolutely essential for a site to function properly in the aspect of user protection. Check if the site you’re using has an SSL-encrypted connection. A verified site would have the padlock icon on the left-hand side of the web address.

Customer Reviews

It’s a no-brainer that the best sites would have a lot of positive customer reviews. As part of your research, read reviews on trusted sources, such as TrustPilot, to grasp the opinion of the general public. First-hand experience from customers helps you evaluate your options so you can find the best site that fits your needs.

If you see that the majority of reviews are positive, rest assured that the case opening site is legitimate.


Are CSGO case opening sites legit?

Yes, CSGO case opening sites are legit. They offer better odds compared to official Valve CSGO cases for getting rare skins, making them very appealing to players. Legit case opening sites would have a huge collection of cases, fast withdrawals, customer support, and a secured connection.


Finding the best CS:GO case opening site on the internet can be tough, especially because there are some sites that can steal your info or your money. But with our guide and tips above, you would have the knowledge you need in choosing the right platform. 

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