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Black Desert Online (BDO) Max Durability

Your equipment will start to degrade as you explore the world of Black Desert and as you utilize it to fend against creatures and harvest resources. 

Eventually, your equipment will become useless when its durability hits zero and will need to be fixed. You will need a blacksmith, who can be found in most towns and cities, to fix your equipment. 

If you want to know your equipment’s max durability, here’s all the details you need to know.

Can You Restore Max Durability in Black Desert Online?

When visiting a blacksmith, there is an extremely slim possibility that the maximum durability will be restored. 

You will probably fail when you utilize a black stone to increase the power of your weapon or armor. Also, the item’s durability will be permanently reduced if this happens. 

If you don’t give up something else, the durability will not increase. 

Black Desert Max Durability

How Do You Restore Maximum Durability?

The maximum durability of an item decreases each time you do poorly on it. Meanwhile, when you improve the weapon, you will never lose it. 

When the character’s maximum durability is zero, it loses all usefulness until you restore it. To restore the item’s maximum durability, you’ll need to have a similar item without the upgrades. However, doing so will render the item useless. 

If the weapon’s grade has increased, you can use a greener grade rather than one of the same quality. For example, you can recover the maximum durability using an ordinary green grade tadd shuriken after upgrading an ultimate debilitating shuriken. 

At a blacksmith [1], choose “repair” and then “maximum durability restoration.” Add the repaired item to the “recovery targeted equipment” slot and the forfeited item to the “materials” hole. 

Black Desert Online Max Durability

Finally, choose “recover max durability” to confirm. The maximum durability is multiplied by 10 for each item you use.

How and When to Enhance or Disenchant?

Call the dark spirit and select “enhancement” to enhance any item. Then, right-click a black stone and the gear, then select “enhance”. Clicking the black stone in the inventory will also bring up the enhancement window. 

Go to a blacksmith and choose “extraction” and “Black stone extraction” to de-enchant a piece of equipment. Right-click the gear you want to disenchant and select “extract.”

After the item or piece of equipment is destroyed, you can receive your Black stone back. All of the black stones will be returned by disenhancing any item that hasn’t been enhanced past the point where it’s suitable.

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