dinosaurs on ARK Ark

What is an ARK Dedicated Server? — Everything You Should Know

An ARK dedicated server allows players to join a game and play with other participants. It is a type of server that is hosted by dedicated server providers to provide a more secure and reliable way of playing the online game. 

These servers are commonly used online, but they are also used for other applications such as web hosting, storage, and other online services. Here’s what you need to know more about it!

What is an ARK Dedicated Server?

This type of server is designed to be highly reliable, secure, and fast. The server is managed by dedicated server providers who can provide all the necessary resources for online gaming. 

The server is usually located in a secure data center and is connected to the internet via a secure connection.

dinosaurs on ARK

An ARK dedicated server will provide a variety of features and services to players, including the ability to host multiple game servers and for multiple players to join the same game. 

It also includes features such as custom plugins [1], custom maps, and custom game modes. Server administrators can also configure the server to run custom scripts and mods.


In a nutshell, an ARK dedicated server is facilitates the hosting of online games. It is managed by dedicated server providers for ARK: Survival Evolved, who can provide all the necessary resources. If you want a more customized gaming experience, you may want to try playing in these servers!

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