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Ark Server Ports — Your Quick Guide

Are you looking to set up an ARK server? Then you’re likely going to need to know about ARK server ports. These serve as the communication gateways for your ARK server, allowing it to communicate with the outside world. 

If you want to more about it in detail, our gamers will give you an introduction to ARK Server Ports and how they work in this guide!

What Are ARK Server Ports?

ARK server ports are the communication gateways used by the ARK server to send and receive data. They are essentially like doorways that allow the ARK server to connect to other servers, as well as to its own internal components. 

Each port is unique, so when you set up an ARK server, you’ll need to make sure that each port is assigned the correct value [1].

ARK character in Annunaki Genesis Server

When you set up an ARK server, you’ll need to assign the correct port numbers to each component. These ports will remain active until the server is shut down. 

Therefore, you need to make sure that they are correctly assigned each time you start the server.


ARK server ports are incredibly important when setting up an server. They allow communication to other server, so it’s only imperative that you you indicate the correct port numbers to each component to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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