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Fixed: Can’t Access Legends on Apex Season 9

Apex Legends has been out for quite some time now but players are still having trouble accessing their Legends, which are the game’s characters. 

Our gamers have experienced the same issues time and time again, so they endeavored methods to fix it quickly. Here are the probable causes and surefire solutions to this issue: 

Why Can't You Access Your Legends on Apex Legends?

This Apex Legends issue happens when players can’t choose a Legend on load screen. It first surfaced in Season 9 mid-season and has since been carried over to Season 10. 

Affected players are not given the choice to select the legend, and  are instead presented with a screen with a hazy map in the background. So far, the problem appears to be mostly affecting consoles, namely the PS4 and Xbox One. 

legends in apex legends

The glitch may be found in both Ranked and Battle Royale matchups, but it appears to be more prevalent in PS4 and BR battles. 

The only method to fix the Apex Legends – Legend select screen bug is to restart the match and hope that the game is not bugged at the moment. The game can also be affected by other bugs that fail at matchmaking and fill all of the team’s spots.

Thus, the Community Manager at EA proposes fixing the game files [1]. The file themselves may be the source of the problem.

Alternatively, reinstall the game and see if it prevents the bug from reappearing. Because the glitch did not affect the vast majority of users, it is conceivable that the issue is with the game itself. Thus, a repair or reinstall on your platform may be beneficial on your end.

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