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Apex Legends Best Wraith Skins Tier List

Wraith is one of the most popular characters in the popular battle royale game, Apex Legends. She is an expert hunter and a master of movement, able to slip in and out of combat with ease. Her unique abilities make her a favorite among players and her range of skins gives her even more personality. 

Wraith’s skins are some of the best in the game, with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs. From the cosmic-inspired Voidwalker skin to the fiery-hued Inferno skin, they give players the chance to express their individual style. 

In this guide, our resident gamers have put together a list of the best Wraith skins, from classic skins like the Voidwalker to newer ones like the Wrath of the Void. So, let’s take a look at the list and see which one is the best for you!

Most Recommended Wraith Skins

#1: Original Skin

The original skin features a sleek and stylish look, with a matte black finish and gold accents. The chest and arms of the character are covered in gold and black armor, while the legs are wrapped in dark cloth. 

Wraith’s head is adorned with a black and gold mask, and the eyes glow menacingly in the darkness. The overall look of the skin is both intimidating and stylish, and it is sure to make a statement when playing the game. 

apex of legends

This skin also has a unique set of abilities. It can use a special “shadow movement” ability, allowing it to move around the map quickly and stealthily. 

It also has a unique “phantom shroud” ability, which lets it become invisible to enemies for a short period of time. This allows it to surprise enemies and get the upper hand in fights.

#2: Head Trip

The Head Trip Skin in Apex Legends is a rare and exclusive skin for the character Wraith. This skin features a distinctive, colorful design, with a combination of blues, pinks, and purples. The colors are inspired by the lead singer of a popular rock band, and they create a unique look for the character. 

The Head Trip Skin also includes a unique headpiece that is set off with a pink, horned character mask. The mask has a unique design, with intricate details and a bright, vibrant color scheme. The bright colors are balanced out by more subtle, understated shades of gray and black.

#3: Bloodline

This is a sleek and stylish outfit that helps the Interdimensional Skirmisher stand out on the battlefield. It features a purple and blue color scheme with a unique pattern that gives Wraith a futuristic look. 

Bloodline wraith skin apex legends

The outfit features a purple, sleeveless bodysuit with a blue and purple striped pattern, a pair of blue and purple gloves, and a pair of blue and purple boots. The outfit also comes with an additional hood and face mask featuring the same striped pattern.

#4: Woodland Warfare

This skin has an attractive and intimidating design. The skin features a green and brown camouflage pattern, giving her a fierce and stealthy look. Her eyes glow a bright yellow, and her hair is a bright red. 

She has a bandanna around her neck with a skull emblem. Her clothing is reminiscent of a military uniform, with a black leather jacket, green cargo pants, and black combat boots.

These also include a bow and quiver, a kunai, a katana, and a combat knife. All of these weapons are painted in the same green and brown camouflage pattern to match the rest of her outfit.

#5: Overclocked

With this skin, Wraith has a more bright yet robotic-industrial look, with a silver and black color scheme throughout her outfit and armor. 

The front of her armor has a glossy black finish with a silver trim, and her face and hair are accented with the same color scheme. On her back, she has a large, silver, robotic-like wing that extends outward, which gives her a more menacing, robotic look.

Overclocked wraith skin apex legends

The Overclocked Skin also gives Wraith an impressive set of abilities, as her abilities are enhanced by the robotic-industrial look of the skin. Her tactical ability, Into the Void, is enhanced with a silver glow and a robotic-like sound when used. 

Her passive ability, Voices from the Void, is also enhanced, as she can now see enemies through walls and doors for a short period of time. This makes her an incredibly powerful character in the game, as she can now see and strike before her opponents can react.

#6: Fiber Optics

The skin features a bright yellow and blue color scheme, with intricate fiber optics lines running along the body and arms of Wraith. The colors are contrasted against a black background, giving the skin a unique and modern look.

The intricate designs of the fiber optics lines give Wraith a unique and cool look on the battlefield. Plus, the bright colors and glossy finish of the skin make it look great when paired with any armor or weapon set.

#7: Hack The System

This is an exclusive, limited-time cosmetic for the legend. The Hack The System Skin features a black and yellow color scheme with a tech-inspired design. 

The jumpsuit is a sleek, form-fitting suit with a yellow tech pattern on the arms and legs. The mask features a yellow and black visor with a yellow-and-black tech pattern on the sides.

Hack The System wraith skin apex legends

Wraith also has a special back bling that comes with this skin. It is a yellow and black backpack with a tech pattern on the straps. This backpack is full of gadgets and tech parts to give Wraith a cyberpunk look. 

Hack The System Skin also includes a unique finisher animation. When Wraith kills an opponent, they are thrown into a void and disappear in an explosion of bright yellow and black particles. 

This animation is a great way to show off your exclusive skin and make an impression on the battlefield.

#8: Phasewalker

A captivating skin inspired by ancient mythology. It features a vibrant purple and gold color scheme that is both eye-catching and stylish. The body of the skin is adorned with intricate tribal designs that are reminiscent of a mysterious and mythical past. 

The golden accents on the mask, gloves, and boots contrast nicely with the deep purple background, giving the skin a regal and imposing look. The most striking feature of the Phasewalker Skin is its ability to change color.

phasewalker skin in apex legends

When Wraith activates her Tactical Ability, the skin shifts to a bright blue color with a hint of white. This unique color change gives Wraith an otherworldly look that is sure to intimidate her opponents. 

With this skin equipped, Wraith is sure to be a formidable force on the battlefield.

#9: Quarantine 722

The entire set is based on a quarantine theme, with a bright yellow and white color palette that screams “caution!”. The skin includes a sleek yellow and white tactical suit with a hooded mask and respirator. 

The hood and respirator both feature a distinctive jagged pattern – a reference to the “722” inscription on Wraith’s arm, which may indicate a quarantine number. The suit is accented with bright yellow and white straps and buckles, and there’s even a yellow and white tactical bag for carrying supplies. 

The Quarantine 722 Skin also features two unique skins for Wraith’s weapons – a yellow and white SMG and a yellow and white energy pistol. Both weapons feature a bold and menacing design that is perfect for the Apex Games.

Quarantine 722 wraith skin

#10: The Liberator

The Liberator is known as one of the best skins ever made for Wraith. This skin includes a black and gray color scheme, with a metallic sheen to the metal parts. The outfit is completed with a thick, leather-like material and a sleek hooded cape. 

Liberator Wraith stands out for her impressive height and powerful appearance. She has detailed armor pieces, including shin guards, shoulder pads, and a breastplate. The outfit is completed with a sleek hooded cape, giving her a mysterious and intimidating look.

The Liberator skin also features a custom-made weapon. It is a heavily modified version of a Submachine Gun, with a shortened barrel and a long, curved magazine. The weapon has an impressive rate of fire, making it an ideal choice for close quarters combat.


The choice of which skin to choose for Wraith in Apex Legends can be a difficult one. There are so many skins available, and many of them are aesthetically pleasing. In making a decision, the player should consider a few factors: the current meta, their own playstyle, and personal preference.

Some skins may be better suited for certain playstyles or metas [1], but the choice ultimately lies in the hands of the player. With a little bit of research and consideration, the perfect skin for Wraith can be found for you!

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