How to Change Your Name in Among Us Among Us

How to Create an Account in Among Us

Ever since the release of Among Us, gamers have been asking how to make their account in the game. 

If you’re confused on where to start, our gamers will provide a step-by-step guide so you can get started playing ASAP. Keep reading to find out how to make your account in Among Us:

How to Make Your Account in the Game Among Us

The procedure of creating an account is simple and will only require a few steps.

How to Change Your Name in Among Us

Why Should You Create an Account?

Players in Among Us receive the following additional quality-of-life benefits after creating an account:

Among Us

Can You Use Your Among Us Account on Different Platforms?

Unfortunately, there is no way to move data from one account to another on Among Us at the moment. For instance, if someone makes an account on Android, they are unable to move their data to their Nintendo [1] Switch account. 

Hopefully, Among Us will one day include this as a feature. Only the account being utilized on the platform is functional for now. If using several platforms, players will probably need to register numerous accounts.

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