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Fixed: Absolver Server Connection Failed

Recently, many players have complained about Absolver’s “server connection failed” error when they attempt to connect. We recognize the many drawbacks associated with this. So, to help you solve this problem, here are our team’s working tips and fixes:

Fix #1: Check Absolver Server Status

One of the many reasons you may be unable to connect to the Absolver server is if the server is out or undergoing maintenance. The best way to be sure your inability to connect is not associated with the game files you need to check their server status.

Absolver Server Connection Failed

You can check their official website and social media platforms to see if they shared any information about server maintenance. Also, you can communicate with your fellow game players to see if they are experiencing the same issue.

Fix #2: Check for New Patches

Game developers release patches [1] to help you solve issues with lags and glitches. Your inability to connect to the game server could be because your game patch is not up to date.

You will need to check the official Absolver website to see if newer patches have been released. Once you add these patches to your game, it will fix issues with the server connection.

Fix #3: Verify the Integrity of Game Files

This issue also occurs if you have not verified the integrity of your game files. You can do this from the library section of steam. Right-click on your game. Select properties.

verify integrity of game files

After that, choose local files, and click on the verify the integrity of game files. This aims to check if your game files are working properly. If there is an error with your game files, you will get to know through this method.


Many reasons could cause the Absolver “server connection failed” issue. You do not need to panic or be overworked about this problem with the best fixes we outlined in this guide. They are working, and many people experiencing similar issues have found this guide useful. 

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