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7 Days to Die Wood Spikes — What is it and What Does it do?

When it comes to protecting your home in 7 Days to Die, wood spikes are one of the best defenses you can have. But what are their intended purpose, exactly? 

To make the game easier for you, our resident gamers will discuss what wood spikes are and how they can help keep you safe in the game.

What Are Wood Spikes?

Wood Spikes are a type of trap that is used to protect structures by impaling zombies, humans, and animals. Wood Spikes are made with 20 Wood. 

They have three stages, each of which deals 33 damage and has 33 hit points. However, anything that walks into the trap will break it regardless of how many hit points it has. After each stage, they will appear more broken but will still have the same stats.

wood spikes

Repairing Wood Spikes requires 5 Wood per stage. When repaired, all broken stages will be mended at the same time. With 4 Forged Iron, Wood Spikes can be upgraded to Iron Spikes, which inflict more damage and have higher durability [1]. 

But a player must remember the following when using spikes:

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