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7 Days to Die Wood Spikes Versus Log Spikes

It’s a question that every gamer has asked at some point: when it comes to fortifying your base in 7 Days to Die, is it better to use wood spikes or log spikes? 

The answer, of course, depends on a number of factors. To help you decide which is better, we’ll weigh in the pros and cons of both in this guide.

Wood Spikes Versus Log Spikes

Wood spikes will inflict damage on a zombie that walks, even if there is nothing above the spikes to prevent movement. 

On the other hand, log spikes often do damage with the thing on top of them. 

In general, wood spikes should be placed further away from the walls, whereas log spikes should be placed closer to the walls. Wood spikes will thin out the horde, but log spikes will continue to harm them as they pound on your wall.

wood spikes

A pit is unnecessary since zombies [1would generally climb or leap onto spikes or any single block rather than attack it. In many circumstances, building a ramp leading upward before installing log spikes is preferable to excavating a trench. 

The most important thing to remember about trenches or walls, is that the actual wall section of the trench should be at least one block lower than the level your spikes are on. This ensures that if the spikes fail, zombies will still claw through your concrete rather than merely dig under it. 

Just make sure that your fortress not too big. Another excellent tip is don’t create a giant base out of wood only to upgrade with iron a couple of times. This will be very expensive. 

You should start with cobblestone and then enhance it later with concrete and then steel if you like it optically.

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