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Where to Find Calipers on 7 Days to Die

Have you been playing 7 Days to Die and find yourself in need of calipers? Getting your hands on one is easy as you think. Here, we’ll show you where to find calipers in the game. 

Whether you’re looking for them for crafting or just want to explore the world, here’s a guide you will need.

Where to Find Calipers?

The Calipers, together with the Anvil and Tool and Die Set, are one of the three Forge Tools. It unlocks the full potential of the Forge because it is required to craft certain items in the Forge. 

They can be found within Working Stiffs Crates, purchased from Traders, and are only found on Frozen Lumberjacks and Utility Worker Zombies on rare occasions. 

7 Days to Die calipers

It is impossible to make Calipers. They were replaced also by the Crucible in Version 16 of the game.

What Are Forge Tools?

Although players can begin smelting with the Forge right away, we recommend getting the three Forge tools to maximize time, efficiency, and extra recipes. 

These tools are used to unlock recipes and take up tool slots in the Forge. All tools may be found as loot across the world, but they can also be crafted. 

7 Days to Die crafting tools

These Forge tools are detachable and transportable to other Forges you may have in other places. While utilizing the Forge without the three tools, you will notice that the Examine menu window [1] in the upper-right corner will indicate any needed or missing tools.

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