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What Happens on the 7th Day on 7 Days to Die?

As indicated in its name, many 7 Days to Die players often wonder if there is an important event that will take place on the 7th day of the game. 

You don’t need to second guess, because we’re here to share the exact details! In this post, our resident gamers will discuss what happens on the 7th day of the game.

What Usually Happens on the 7th Day of the Game?

At 22:00 on the seventh day, a feral horde will attack players in many waves throughout the night. Feral indicates they always know where the players are and will come after you no matter what. 

The horde ramps up with stronger zombies to fight depending on the player’s character level, some of which you may not see otherwise, such as the feral. The undead will continue to spawn until the day chime. 

7days to die 7th day

Because it is a “blood moon,” the sky will be red as well. Therefore, run as far as you can. Before you reach this point, ensure that your character is properly fed and hydrated and that they are not wearing any heavy armor. 

This will create a large distance between the player and the horde, allowing them time to recover between attacks. To slow them down, use structures and POI to your advantage. 

If the player has a higher Gamestage, they should prepare a base and start as far away from it as possible at 22:00. They can then run to the base and use it as cover. Players may also use vehicles such as the minibike to evade the horde as long as they don’t get stuck in the terrain and stay on a clean open road. 

Other vehicles that can be employed are 4×4 trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and gyrocopters [1]. 

7days to die 7th day

All of these vehicles may be made out of various materials. If a vehicle becomes stuck in the surrounding bushes, jump out and escape as far as you can.

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