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How to Remove Wetness on 7 Days to Die

If you’re playing 7 Days to Die, you might have come across the problem of wetness. Whether it’s from rain or bodies of water, getting rid of wetness can be a challenge. 

With that in mind, our resident gamers took the time to curate their surefire tips to get rid of wetness in the game. Hopefully, these pointers will help you stay dry and comfortable while you’re playing!

How Do You Get Rid of Wetness?

When players are in the water or are subjected to rain or snowfall, they get wet. Also, if a player is in a house with holes in the ceiling and when they are within two blocks of an opening, they will become wet.

 The same is true if the opening is blocked by a hatch. The Status Effect is cured by taking cover, wearing clothes, and having a core temperature of 40 or above. As the core temperature rises, the rate of drying increases. 


To stop becoming wet, you must be in a fully enclosed room or at least 5 blocks away from a wet block. That may be the cause if your room has a roof but is tiny and has an open door frame. 

The wet status effect causes the core temperature [1] to drop. This helps to mitigate the following negative effects:

These harmful consequences are increased by decreasing core temperature:

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