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7 Days to Die Support Beam — Your Quick Guide

As experienced an 7D2D player, you know how crucial support beams are in buildings in the game. 

If you want to know more details about this valuable item in the game, our gamers are here to explain a several facts and tips!

What Are Support Beams?

Support beams are identical to any other identical block, and serve mostly as a ‘decorative’ covering for something that is actually rather functional. 

Increasing the number of blocks along a load-bearing column or wall enhances the structural integrity of the blocks it supports. Any block, including a wood frame, may achieve the same function, but only the support beam looks the part.

support beam

Metal Reinforced Wood is a material with the relative affordability of wood but has the structural integrity of the metal [1]. 

If you’re using wood as a support, we recommend upgrading to metal and, if possible, securing it to another sturdy metal block. The Wood Tower was entirely made of wood and withstood the Day 7 horde, proving that it is possible to live above ground. 

Because of the tight spacing and support beams, the cobblestone expansion can withstand many pillars being knocked off. They operate no differently than any other metal block in terms of functionality, but they look good.

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