7 Days to Die Super Corn 7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die Super Corn — A Quick Guide

One of the things you can find in the game 7 Days to Die is “Super Corn.” But what exactly is this item? Let’s take a look!

What is a Super Corn?

The Super Corn Plant is a mutant plant that produces the food Ear of Super Corn and can be found on a farm in a Navezgane map at 700N;300W. 

To grow the plant, Super Corn Seeds are required. You can unlock the seed recipe at Living Off The Land level 2 or by finding the Super Corn (Seed) Schematic.

7 Days to Die Super Corn

Plant the seed with the right mouse button while equipped with a Super Corn Seed and an open Farm Plot. A new Super Corn Plant seedling will appear [1]. 

To harvest a Super Corn Plant, simply left-click on it with any tool or an empty hand. If the plant is not completely mature, it will just produce the seed.

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